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Note: Due to the self-discharge characteristics of this type of battery, it is?imperative that they be charged within 6 months of storage, otherwise permanent?loss of capacity might occur as a result of sulfation. About PESPrapatsorn Engineering Supply is using Oak tree as our company symbol that represent our view of life, growth, quality, healing and change. Two 21 Watt Sealed Beams Two 25 Watt Sealed Beams Two 35 Watt Sealed Beams Two 30 Watt S.B. Battery: Rechargeable sealed 6 or 12 Volt Refillable Lead Acid battery, which allows 90 minutes of light in battery back up mode. Battery De-Sulfater is a non-acid chemical formula which breaks down deadly sulfation corrosion that has formed on plates and insulators and restores normal action in cells. Lead acid batteries are basically small power plants that store chemical energy in clean plate materials. When lead acid batteries are left sitting even in only a partial discharge state they begin to sulfate.

Battery De-Sulfater will restore the normal action in the cells of these mechanically sound batteries by breaking down, dissolving and keeping hard crystallized sulfation from forming again.
They are made up of plates, lead, lead oxide and various other elements that are used to change density, hardness, porosity, etc. This sulfation begins when the sulfur molecules in the electrolyte (battery acid) begin to coat the battery lead plates. Battery De-Sulfater will increase battery life, increase power efficiency, reduce battery failure, will keep Pb02 spongy and soft, will strengthen lead plate components, eliminate resistance by up to 50% and will restore sulfated mechanically sound batteries regardless of make, age or size and is 100% GUARANTEED Battery De-Mister with Thermoil technology is a patented battery oil that will increase battery life up to 3 times, eliminate corrosion, greatly reduce water consumption, explosion, toxic fumes and will help to keep your battery working under any condition from Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit. It has an indefinite shelf-life and is unconditionally guaranteed to restore, improve and prolong the life of mechanically sound lead-acid batteries regardless of make, age, or size. These lead acid batteries are chemically charged with pure sulfuric acid (about 35%) and pure distilled water (about 65%). When you test a battery with a hydrometer you are measuring the amount of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte.

In a very short period of time these lead sulfate crystals turn abnormally hard and clogs the plates. This solution is called electrolyte which causes a chemical reaction that produces electrons. It is resting on the outside of the battery plates and when you recharge the battery this sulfur returns into the electrolyte.

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