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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. That said, Chrome Battery wants you to practice the number one rule when handling battery acid, or working around flooded batteries:  ALWAYS WEAR PROPER EYE, FACE, AND HAND PROTECTION.
Also, if you should get electrolyte splashed into your eyes because you ignored the number one rule when handling battery acid, or working around flooded batteries – force the eye open and flood it with clean cold water from a shower, eye-wash station or bottle for at LEAST 15-20 minutes. Every now and then, you may have a battery that leaks because it got punctured or whatever during shipping or installation.

There is also an alternative approach to not having to handle battery acid and that is to purchase the battery already filled by our battery experts. The people at Chrome Battery want to make sure you remember this again: ALWAYS WEAR PROPER EYE, FACE, AND HAND PROTECTION.
China Good Quality Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery, Energy Storage Lithium Ion Battery and VRLA Lead Acid Battery International Trade Site.
Otherwise, you could get seriously hurt and there may be environmental issues depending upon where you live.

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