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Setting up a webcam sight illuminator over your laptop's webcam will certainly “enlighten” your online conversations. The power input of T4 (2N3055) is the product of load current and voltage difference already mentioned. I want battery charging circuit in petrol engine vehicles by using electrical solenoid coil, connected to Motor with propeller shaft of engine & alternator. First of all thanks very much for sharing this, I bet I will try it but I need to know about that byx21-40 ? Unfortunately, a PNP type will not work since the base should be more negative than emitter in order to turn it on. T1 should be PNP (not NPN BC107) and if so, the base and emitter inputs must be swapped to make it work. Recent QuestionsTimer for Varroa Mite Treatment electronically controlling a 220V heating wire To run Microwave when power supply isn't there, what type of battery can I use Problem with playing back voices how can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC?
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1, Before launching the car ,Put the battery detector into the cigarette socket to detect the current battery power, BATTERY LED shows the current area Power status. 2, After Launching the car,the detection of the current generator and the charging circuit power status, ALTERNATOR area LED displays the current power status, such as when the yellow light on for the power is low, check the generator or power supply circuit whether is normal. This battery charger circuit differs from the norm in a number of ways, all of which make it difficult to understand. Since the maximum current delivered by the unit is a function of the transformer internal impedance, I recommend that the readers use the same type of transformer.
First of all, the two SCRs (silicon controlled rectifiers or thyristors) are connected with their anodes (stud or tab) grounded—this makes for excellent thermal transfer because no insulating hardware is required (if it is permissible to connect the negative terminal of the charger directly to the steel enclosure). SCRs are the ideal power device choice for a battery charger because they can both regulate battery charging voltage and prevent fault current when the battery is inadvertently connected reverse. Normally circuits use a negative common—that is just the way the world seems to work, but in this case, it was more convenient to make the positive rail the common point and all visualization must be made with this in mind. C1 and R4 form a ramp generator that generates a negative going sawtooth voltage (relative to the positive rail).
U1A is the error amplifier—it amplifies the difference between the -5.1V reference voltage and the feedback voltage at the arm of the V ADJ pot (R6). The battery provides the power to begin operation of the regulator circuit, so if the battery is fully discharged it may be necessary to “flash” the battery terminals with a good battery to bootstrap the regulator into operation.
If the intended use is to charge a discharged battery close to 100% to eventually crank an engine, this charger works well. If the desired use is for maintaining a standby battery indefinitely, the trickle charge mode would be a good idea.. Yesterday I took my charger out because I had a low battery in a vehicle that has been sitting since summer. It turns out that the surplus 50A SCRs I used need a little more gate current to fire them; more so when cold.
Thanks for the feedback–yes, SCR gate drive requirements increase as temperature decreases.
I adjusted mine to shut off at 14.4V when the battery is at 20 degrees Celsius room temperature. Could the lithium-ion battery pack in the Nissan Leaf suffer old age before you’re ready to dispose of your electric vehicle? As the Nissan Leaf came to market in late 2010, Nissan projected a range of about 100 miles for the cars and their 24kWh lithium-ion battery packs. Someone wearing out their ICE gets to pay for the same engine they started with, not something better.
According to Nissan’s own data, all Leafs are expected to lose 7-12% of capacity in the first year. What is needed in very cold conditions is some heat to bring batteries up to their optimal operating temperature. It could be that if one lives in one of the very cold holes then they would need a place to plug in during the day as well. Combined Leaf and Volt first year sales greatly exceeded first year sales for Toyota and Honda hybrids.
LOL, until you have to replace the batteries at over $6,000.00 in five years, if your lucky, or trade the paper weight in and get nothing for a Leaf with dead batteries.
What are you going to do when you are stuck in gridlock on a freeway at 100 degrees+ and you have to make a choice between air conditioning and getting home???

The same thing you would do were you stuck in gridlock while driving a gasmobile with an almost empty tank. That means 1 kWh of energy lost in the first half hour, and then about 400 Wh to maintain that interior temperature.
Since gas and diesel powered vehicles don’t currently use electric air conditioners, they run continuously at roughly the same duty cycle. And I’m pretty sure anyone would be able to find their way out of gridlock and onto a surface street to reach an electrical outlet or gas station within less than FIVE HOURS.
In short, the electric car is FAR better off sitting in gridlock than a gas powered car because it’s not wasting all that energy the whole time. I can sit in grid lock for days if I had to, with my air conditioner running, don’t let your tank get that low. Even you had to replace the Leaf battery pack (unlikely) after six years you’d still be about $10k behind. Living in Phx, only owned for 10 months and down multiple bars… 5 stars on all my battery treatment reports… this is nuts! Yes, the word is out that the Nissan LEAF performs poorly in hot climates (100+ deg F) and Nissan is having terrible Li-Ion battery problems in this climate. Our test was run with the air conditioning off not because it is good for the battery, but because we wanted uniformity between 12 cars.
While reliable, comfortable and smooth as ever, high-mileage drivers are finding degredation of the battery packs to be an issue. Degredation of the battery pack has also had an effect on the battery’s ability to take a quick charge. The standard aging curve for a rechargeable battery (NiCd, NiMh, Li-Ion etc.) is typically *less* rapid as time goes by.
Those that do follow all the guidelines will probably be very satisfied and keep their car.
Irrespective of what the bars state or an electric test reports, someone interested in purchasing a used EV may, at the very least, need to take it out on a clear road and drive at the highest speed of interest (with AC ON or OFF, Lights ON or OFF etc. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Keep your 12 volt automotive battery in top condition even when your vehicle is in storage. Maintain 12 volt rechargeable batteries in storageCopper-plated steel battery clamps for better conductionLED power indicator light10 ft. Your home for battery replacement, roadside assistance, auto repair, car buying information, and much more! Did you know that most vehicle batteries need to be replaced every few years, depending on driving conditions? For more than 100 years, our members have counted on AAA to provide best-in-class roadside assistance when they need it most. AAA's Approved Auto Repair network includes some 8,000 shops throughout the United States and Canada. Charging current will substantially exceed line current due to voltage matching provided by transformer turns ratio. When the battery needs to be charged or the battery power is low, the detector will alarm with sound.
The charger was working fine when I initially connected it, but later when I checked, it quit charging while outside in the cold. If you temporarily connect a jumper between collector and emitter of Q3, it should pass full charge current to the battery; this will verify if you have the SCRs connected properly. Nissan modified the range to around 85 miles and cited absolute worst case-best case range of 50 to 130 miles. It only engages at very low temps to prevent the battery from falling outside its recommended operational limits. How about Minneapolis(freeway gridlock) in January at 25 below and you have to make the choice between freezing on the freeway and getting home??? So you and your multitude of Green Geniuses are going to clog up the freeways with your dead cars and turn them into a giant parking lots….Really?? Gasoline contains approximately 33 kWh of energy per gallon, and diesel contains approximately 38 kWh of energy per gallon. I was interested very early in obtaining one to drive in the Phoenix area but now am glad I delayed the purchase.
Naturally, none of the consumers in Phoenix were told this information when they leased or purchased their cars to drive 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year (Nissan offers leases in either mileage; they do not offer 7500 miles per year leases).

It is in a sealed, waterproof, slightly pressurized container (tested in 200mm of water, like all Nissan cars). I AM concerned with saving a huge amount of money that I can be putting to better use and enjoying my life more. I’m fairly sure that another level will drop this Summer, and am waiting to see if Nissan will follow through with its warranty amendment, that was added on after a class action law suite, that will restore the degraded battery to at least 9 levels. The rate of capacity decline is usually greatest when the battery is new (though towards the end of life some failure mechanism such as dendrite formation may increase aging rate again). Most are not difficult to achieve for local driving if the owner is interested in doing so, however ignoring many these of these guidelines can be expected to lead to a shortened battery life. Those that do not are more likely to be unsatisfied and sell their car, after the battery has deteriorated significantly. The automatic battery float charger has a floating circuit to maintain a full charge without overcharging. We know that breakdowns are inconvenient, so our courteous, professional roadside technicians will be there to help, day or night. We're so sure you can trust our Approved Auto Repair facilities that your repair work comes with a guarantee for 12 months or 12,000 miles.
Excessive charging current is avoided because the current value on T3’s base is limited. Lower than that 14.4V may not fully charge the battery and promote sulfating of the plates. That said, while I’m glad that your Leaf is working for you, I know several folks in Northern California with noticeable range loss, and their cars have less miles on them than yours. Saved a fortune on gas so far.The environment was the last thing on my mind when I purchsed it.
While this seems counter to regulations that require auto manufacturers to provide parts for cars sold in the USA for 10 years, Nissan’s Mr. Nissan wants as few customers to use this as possible, or for this problem to get out for broad public scrutiny. This may be one of the reasons why the first bar represents a 15% drop and subsequent bars 7.5%. If so, will the capacity bars only accurately reflect the lower driving speed capacity, but significantly over-indicate the higher driving speed capacity ? In a recent test by Phoenix-area owners of a group of year-old Leafs, some got as little as 60 miles on a full battery charge. While everyone expected to see some loss of range, some folks were surprised to see figures approaching 10% in mild climates. Most electric car owners cite energy independence as their primary reason for buying an EV.
To compare cars accurately, and isolate the variable of battery capacities, everything needed to be uniform. Nissan will likely to continue advertising inflated range, but thats what advertising is for. This standard aging curve for rechargeable batteries then is not a case of getting old before their time, it is a case of getting old in the manner determined by the nature of these batteries.
Id say the true idiots are those who still by 30% of their gas from Saudi Arabia and Hugo Chavez and yes that would mean you.
As a “affected owner” i can tell you Nissan has not been reaching out to me AT ALL! If every battery had the same capacity (and only the instruments were faulty), each car would have gone similar distances. The units have an average of more than 19,000 miles on them versus an expected norm of 12,500 miles per year and they’re in a warm region that had an unseasonably hot summer.
They did the job they're supposed to, MAINTAIN the charge in a battery, although they could probably use some circuity to prevent totally discharging the battery.
One user actually turned the float charger into a regular charger by inserting a diode into one of the lines. This effecively disables the circuitry in the little control box and allows the charger to apply its full voltage, around 14+ to the ends of the cables instead of the maximum 13.2 volts when the control circuit is working.

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