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Maintenance free sealed lead acid battery,12volt deep cycle storage batteryApplication Maintenance free storage battery 6v4ah is used for building interphone, emergency lamp, electronic scale, video camera, children’s electric cycle and so on. Description:Powerstar valve-control type maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery is that Powerstar spent over 60 years to create an unceasing innovation, we even developed the NP series battery for the Asia market that gathered over 60 years manufacturing experiences to create one successful production, according to its high quality and remarkable performance all the users are satisfied with them.
Description:Powerstar CMS Series industrial grade non-isolated module UPS is designed for the electrical power system to meet higher requirements to be the high reliable product. 3-FM-4.0 series VRLA batteries are manufactured in conformity with ISO9001, and have been approved by CE and UL.
Deep Cycles Thick plate design based on sturdy lead-calcium grids and advanced paste technology for discharge-deep times. The high power densities and full sealed structures make a long life for the battery, high reliability and good services to provide the most convenient for the users.
This series adopts the original on-line three converting structure Three-in Single-out and Three-in Three-out two and other operating modes. Use high-density porous glass fiber separator, effectively prevent from being short-circuited.

This power capacity is divided into FREE, HP, GP, EPOWER, SPOWER, CMS, IMS and other series to achieve single-unit operation, dual redundant parallel machine operation, multi-machine parallel operation, modular system, and so on. The power module installs the internal AC isolation transformer to make the main power, battery units and AC output to transform among three of them, and therefore it can provide the high-quality sine wave for the loads and provide a full range of protection.
In the UPS market, we have the most complete variety of UPS, the largest power and the largest number of combining machines in order to meet the various needs of clients. The power system consists of multiple independent power modules in parallel it can achieve the N+X parallel redundant backup operation in the non-master synchronous condition to greatly enhance the reliability of the UPS system. The power supply system can be convenient and flexible to match with the user's existing large-capacity battery units 220V to save the investment and maintenance of batteries for the users. We supply professional technical training program to after-sale service agents, direct users and all distributors in order to better sell, maintain and operate the UPS.
Meanwhile, according to the size of the market, Powerstar requires all the distributors to maintain enough spare parts for UPS to ensure timely and efficient after-sales services.Powerstar has conducted business in China for many years.
We have set up our distribution service points in major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang and Dalian.

When the battery charges the inner resistance rises gradually, when the battery discharges the inner resistance decrease gradually, when the battery is charged fully the inner resistance is going to reach the minimum, meanwhile, the using time of battery continuously extend longer its inner resistance also rises gradually.
There are dozens of well-trained engineering technicians and assembly technicians working for us. Although the rapid growth of China's information industry stimulates the overall economic development, there are many challenges, such as problems of power supply and electric power grid quality. Powerstar will offer highly reliable power supply systems and solutions to corporations and governments to create a bright future for the world.
The optional constant voltage value not only can be satisfied with the full input electricity quantity in this voltage but also can decrease the battery overcharge caused the damage to the minimum.
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