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The LT®8490 is a buck-boost switching regulator battery charger that implements a constant-current constantvoltage (CCCV) charging profile used for most battery types, including sealed lead-acid (SLA), flooded, gel and lithium-ion.
The device operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage and can be powered by a solar panel or a DC power supply.
From the multi region approved on board charger the AC system provides greater efficiency giving the HX an impressive 60 + mile range per charge.

On-chip logic provides automatic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for solar powered applications. The fully adjustable A-Frame front and semi-independent rear suspension has been built to automotive standards to ensure a comfortable yet sporty ride. The LT8490 can perform automatic temperature compensation by sensing an external thermistor thermally coupled to the battery.

STATUS and FAULT pins containing charger information can be used to drive LED indicator lamps.

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