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Good quality battery stick, I used other brands which may be slightly more expensive and find it NO difference as compared to this. The car is controlled by a hand held radio transmitter which sends a signal to a receiver in the car, this then translates the signal to control the steering, and throttle.
The track usually features jumps, bumps, and banked bends, all designed to test the drivers reactions, skill, and car setup. They are either rear wheel drive or four wheel drive, and are usually raced in separate classes.
This class of racing is growing rapidly, there are many new cars on the market, and the cars really do look good.

They resemble Saloon Cars, and GT Cars, and are planned to be a relatively inexpensive form of racing. You cant go wrong with this battery , if its safety your after and still want good performance your have found it.
The car is propelled either by an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery pack, or an internal combustion engine powered by nitro fuel or petrol. These cars can reach 40 mph with awesome acceleration using a high powered modified motor, and 7.2 volt battery packs. Cars currently raced are front wheel drive, four wheel drive, and two wheel drive mini size cars.

They feature highly tuneable suspension to soak up the bumps, and many high tech features to improve their performance. These cars usually use standard motors so speeds are reduced, but there are classes for modified motors. Races are usually run for a set time in which the drivers must achieve as many laps as possible, the driver with the most laps in the fastest time is the winner.

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