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Shai Agassi, the founder of Better Place, has convinced heads of state, governors, wealthy investors, and powerful chief executives that a network of electric car battery recharging and swapping stations will help solve the world’s energy problems. Weber said that after speaking with Agassi, that he does not share Better Place’s vision. Better Place, a Silicon Valley start-up with operations in Israel, has been working with Nissan-Renault to create a recharging network for the electric cars that Nissan plans to introduce by 2011.
Better Place believes that highway battery swapping stations would extend the cars’ range, and save time for drivers. Other industry experts—even strong advocates of electric cars—have questioned battery-swapping. In December 2008, New York Times writer Jim Motavalli also questioned Better Place’s battery swapping approach.
Weber said that Mercedes is looking to develop alternative approach to electric car infrastructure but did not provide details of the plan.
Volvo is counting on magnets embedded in the road to make autonomous driving feasible on a large scale. How many of us really want to be repeatedly subjected to the EMI fields needed to propel a vehicle for any distance? Ideally I’d like to see a modular system in which, instead of a swappable battery, a vehicle has a fixed battery of some capacity with a gap or slot designed to accept some sort of modular range extender. But the key advantage here, given the rapid advances in technology that are taking place, is that when a newer and more efficient power storage or generation mechanism becomes commercially viable, you don’t need to buy a new vehicle to make use of it.
As a bonus, you’d mitigate going forward the problem posed by the fact that it takes decades for any new transportation technology to fully penetrate the market.
How many of us want to be exposed to gasoline, a known carcinogen (see the little stickers at the gas pump) every time we fill up the tank?
The other thing is that EMI can be shielded, and this is the only worthwhile safety concern about EMI in an electric car – IF, and it’s a very open ended IF, IF an electric car gives off any amount of EMI, should it be mandated that it be shielded?

Thomas Weber’s argument is apparently based on safety yet he advises we should wait, presumably to seek a perfect solution before innovating, and says gasoline and diesel will dominate for another ten to 20 years. Regarding EMI, the author of the post to which you were responding was himself writing in response to a specific proposal to have electrically driven vehicles powered or charged by power transmitting antennae embedded beneath the road.
And as for shielding, obviously shielding the source of the radiation would defeat the entire purpose. This is a complex system and only one thing can be certain — a simple, one-size-fits-all explanation or solution will predictably be probably wrong.
Some other possibilities: As PV efficiency continues to increase, maybe it eventually becomes more efficient to use an optical coupling to beam power from the road to the bottom of the car than some kind of inductive technique. Did you know that during a lightning storm one of the safest places you can be is inside a car. The main purpose of battery-swapping should be to allow EV owners the option to install the type of battery that meets their needs best. They just negotiated a standard and the problem was solved – just as they would with electric batteries.
We are based in the west rand area and we have been registered since 2010 and we have been doing wonderful jobs for our customers. Price includes delivery, VAT and collection of your old battery (West rand area).Limited stock available. But a growing number of skeptics are questioning the feasibility of the plan—especially the concept of swapping discharged batteries with fresh ones. The Mercedes executive thinks that carmakers should make electric cars with permanent lithium ion batteries capable of approximately 125 miles in driving range. He said that for the next 10 to 20 years, almost all cars on the road will still have gasoline- or diesel-powered internal combustion engines—and that achieving a 10 percent market share for electric cars, a target envisioned by Nissan, would require hefty government subsidies. How many of us want to be exposed to auto exhaust – a mix of chemicals that will actually kill you if you breathed in nothing but auto exhaust – every day we go to work?

Minimizing risk and maximizing benefits are excellent solutions, but they inherently involve probability. You could have no doubt made this point at some time in the past about regular filling stations – how can we have filling stations across the country when the openings to tanks on cars are all different sizes?
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And do you know what happens if your exhaust system gets a hole in it in the wrong place below the driver and starts coming in the cabin?
Alternating current is only used to transmit power over long distances – completely unnecessary even in the largest of cars.
Here’s How You Can Still Start Your Car Advertisement By Admin - May, 8th 2014Car batteries need to be replaced every few years depending on the weather conditions, usage and type of battery installed in the car. Some of us linger on with an old battery and end up getting stuck with a dead car battery on a cold morning. In such a case, the options are limited and most of us wish if the car could start one more time so that we could take it to the nearest workshop for battery replacement.If you are using a wet car battery that can be opened from the top, The good news is that there is a way you can still start your car without the need of another car for jump starting.
Divide the two aspirin tablets in equal parts and drop each piece in the cell filler holes. The battery will have enough juice to start the car for one more time.Now you can head to the nearest workshop and get your battery changed. Material fully grasp a great deal concerning this, just like you submitted the particular guide from it or something like that..

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