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These are actual photos from the 6 Volt 5 AMP HR Rechargeable Lantern Battery - Clam Pack Packaging.Click the images to view larger.
If you are visiting Scorpion territory or seek out your own Sphalerite claim, then what better accessory to take along the way than a UVP Ultraviolet Lamp! Company Seven offers the complete broad selection of ultraviolet (UV) sources of made by UVP.
These lamps that are made to provide the choices of 254nm shortwave and or 365nm longwave UV that are most desired in the field. The UVP Portable series (ML-49, UVG-47, and UVGL-48) lamps are battery powered lamps that incorporate one 6 watt ultraviolet (UV) illumination tube or a black light bulbs (BLB) so that the user can work in any one wavelength of the ultraviolet that are most popular for applications in the field: 254nm, or 365nm. Right: UVP hand-held Portable series lamp, this resembles both the ML-49 and UVGL-47 models (23,553 bytes). The ML-49 and the UVG-47 models incorporate either the single 6 watt tube or one black light bulb.
Each Mini UV lamp is powered by two optional 6 volt 'Spring Top' lantern batteries operating in series to provide 12 volt. Above: examples of 6 volt lantern batteries, the rechargeable battery is to the far right (60,145 bytes). When used with conventional alkaline batteries these provide about twenty (20) hours of use in typical environments though in extreme climates or with older batteries this will be less.
Special Note: batteries are not included with the lamp so be sure to specify whether or not you want Company Seven to include two conventional or rechargeable batteries, and if choosing the rechargeable option whether or not you will also want the AC to 6 volt battery charger when ordering. Left: UVP Portable series lamp, this resembles both the ML-49 and UVGL-47 models (23,553 bytes). The UVP Rechargeable -26P series lamps are 12 volt rechargeable battery powered lamps that incorporate two 6 watt ultraviolet (UV) illumination tubes. The multi-wavelength UVSL-26P has one shortwave tube placed behind a long-life "UVG" UV transmitting filter and one longwave tube behind UVP's special longwave UV filter. These lamps incorporates two carrying handles in an arrangement that makes it comfortable to walk with the lamp hand-held, either holding it by the top handle and directing the ultraviolet beam ahead or holding the lamp by the flexible strap handle at the rear and directing the ultraviolet beam down towards the ground. The chassis of each lamp is a bit more compact than that of the above Portable series, hence these are a bit better suited for travelers who must fly to their destinations though care should be taken when packing the lamp to protect the toggle switch. Each 26P series UV lamp is powered by one included rechargeable 6 Volt, 4 Amp Hour sealed lead acid battery.
An AC powered charger for the battery is built into the base of each lamp, the power charging cord with plug is stored the compartment at the bottom of the lamp and the cover has a slot to allow charging with the cover in place. The two prong North American style male plug provided with each -26P 115 volt lamp (26,565 bytes). Special Note: the -26P series lamps can operate for greater spans of time when powered by external 12 volt power sources. Some of our UVP portable and rechargeable lamps operate from a 12 volt DC power, usually an internal battery.

Company Seven does not recommend operating sensitive 12 volt DC equipment from a running motor vehicle since a malfunctioning alternator or voltage regulator (as well as vehicle power demands) can produce power surges and appreciable amounts of AC power which may damage your instrument. Or in the case of modest cost lamps, including the Mini and Signature lamps featured here, simply keep a spare new unit in reserve. Mineralight and Blak-Ray Portable Lamps illustrated two page brochure describing the use of UVP Models UVG-47, UVGL-48, ML-49 series portable UV lamps and the optional 6 volt batteries.
WARNING Infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths are invisible to the human eye yet these electromagnetic waves bear energy and other information. As amazing as it can be to explore the ultraviolet spectrum, this is not child’s play!
This rechargeable 6-volt lantern battery turns ordinary hand lanterns into rechargeable lights. These are a great choice for hand-held use in the field and yet will do as well even in a laboratory setting. The UVGL-48 incorporates a single tube too but that provides the choice of either 254 and 365nm output.
This ergonomic device makes it comfortable to walk with the lamp hand-held, either holding it high on the handle and directing the ultraviolet beam ahead or holding the lamp handle lower and directing the ultraviolet beam down towards the ground.
The similar UVGL-48, illustrated above right at center, is a multi wavelength Split-tube ultraviolet lamp that can emit either of two wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Rechargeable batteries in good condition will provide about six and a half (6.5) to eight (8) hours of use.
The single wavelength models UVL-26P (365nm) and UVS-26P (254nm) give the user the choice of operating in a power conserving 6 watt mode with one tube on, or in 12 watt mode with both tubes illuminated simultaneously. The UVSL-26P permits the user to work in either 254nm or 365nm wavelength tube in 6 watt mode, or by selecting two tubes on the slide switch you may operate both UV spectrums simultaneously.
The power cord for 220 volt models includes a two prong Euro style male plug; the wall outlets vary from country to country so in some 220 volt countries you may need to bring a wall plug adapter. This can be an AC to 12 volt DC regulated power supply, or greater capacity rechargeable batteries. In addition to this, the units can be operated in the field from one or more batteries, or from a solar array (practical when operating during the day but on a C-10P cabinet). However, for long weekends of observing or for overnight sessions then we recommend either having multiple 18 Amp Hour rated packs, or relying on the larger 33 AH Pack.
The cabinet is a self-contained ultraviolet laboratory where a sample may be introduced through the curtain flap at the front and into the enclosure for visual observing or for imaging through with a camera. Order at least one spare bulb to keep on hand for every one to three lamp units in active use.
So any structure that absorbs the light can be damaged by this energy; note how sunlight exposure tans the skin while prolonged exposure fades or breaks down materials.
For a good overview of working in the UV and explanations of proper precautions consult Ultraviolet Spectrum Primer, the illustrated article by Company Seven explaining the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum as it applies to photographing or imaging objects in the UV and about observing fluorescence, phosphorescence, and tenebrescence.
This can be a bit confusing at first glance since we also offer a rechargeable battery option for the Portable series lamps.

The toggle switch to control the lamp settings ('UV', 'OFF', or 'White' for the flashlight) is conveniently located on the sloping panel at the top rear of the lamp. The tube in this lamp is made so that while the bulb is powered on, the upper half fluoresces to provide 254nm output while the lower half of the tube will fluoresce to provide 365nm illumination. The model UVS-26P has two shortwave tubes placed behind long-life "UVG" ultraviolet transmitting filters. The black rubber-covered push button switch (lust left of the top handle) turns the unit on or off.
The rechargeable battery when in good condition will provide about five (5) to eight (8) hours of use. The 220 volt lamp may be charged in the USA when provided with a wall step-down transformer, just as 115 volt models for the USA may be charged overseas with a step-up transformer. Be sure to specify whether or not you want Company Seven to include the Adapter Cord (PN 58-0127-02) to operate the lamp from external 12 volt sources. In time (some years typically) when the rechargeable batteries loose their capacity, then it is a simple matter to replace the battery as these are sold separately by Company Seven and by numerous battery specialty shops. This is similar in concept to the photographic light box, but optimized for ultraviolet applicatons. While it is usually a simple matter to replace a UV lamp bulb, and we provide instructions with each lamp about how to do so, longevity is of a concern when the lamp is to be used installed into some hard to access location where it may be inconvenient to replace the bulb. The photons of shorter wavelength carry greater energy therefore, these have the greater potential for causing biological damage. The article explains the different portions UV spectrum including UV-A (long wave), UV-B (mid) and UV-C (short wave).
To blur the boundaries further, Company Seven also offers rechargeable portable power packs that can connect by an optional cigarette lighter style cord to operate either of the Rechargeable series lamp for hours longer in the field.
The lamp filter panel is partitioned into two panes by a blocking aluminum cover that the user can position over either portion of the filter element, this slides back and forth or can be removed and snapped back into place.
For extended field operations you should consider buying spare batteries to keep some on charge in reserve. The side mounted toggle switch determines the choice of wavelength, while the small slide switch determines whether one or both bulbs will be on simultaneously.
These wavelengths can penetrate the eye or skin cells and can produce heating and energy related biological changes that will modify or destroy cellular DNA; this is among the reasons why some UV light sources are used for germicidal (sterilizing) applications. Sliding the cover up or down blocks either source to allow only one wavelength to pass or the cover can be removed when you want both 254nm and 365nm illumination.
To replace the bulb of a Split Tube model lamp one need order only the one since these lamps do not rely on a separate tube for each wavelength. Rechargeable over 100 times Works in ordinary hand lanternRecharges from cigarette charger Weighs only 32 oz.

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