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One variation is to start a timer at "CVh" stage, when the timmer out, the charger will enter "Floating charging stage" automatically. Also given a simple and practical, stable and reliable 12V sealed lead-acid battery float charger, dual-level practical application of the circuit. However, due to maintenance-free battery charging technology can not meet the special requirements and charging method is not correct and it is difficult to achieve the required cycle life. UC3906 is a special chip sealed lead-acid battery charging, it has the best rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries all the necessary control and monitoring functions. More importantly, it enables various conversion voltage with the battery charger voltage temperature coefficient of change, so that the sealed lead-acid batteries in a wide temperature range to achieve the best charge state. 1 UC3906 structure principle 1.1UC3906 UC3906 structural characteristics of the internal structure shown in Figure 1. The chip contains independent voltage control loop and current limit amplifier, it can control the drive chip. Drives the output current up to 25mA, can directly drive an external series pass to adjust the charger output voltage and current.
Comparison of voltage and current detection can be used to detect the battery's charge status, and also can be used to control the charge state logic circuit input signal.

When the battery voltage or temperature is too low, the charge enable comparator can control the charger enters trickle charge state. Thus, when the battery short circuit or reverse, the charger can only charge a small current, thus avoiding the charge current is too large due to damage to the battery. UC3906's a very important feature is its internal reference voltage with the precise variation of ambient temperature and the temperature characteristics of lead-acid battery voltage exactly. Meanwhile, the chip can only 1.7mA input current work, thus reducing the power consumption of the chip, the work environment to achieve accurate temperature testing to ensure that both the battery fully charged without serious overcharge. In addition, UC3906 chip also includes an input under-voltage detection circuit to initialize the charge cycles and may drive a logic output. 1.2UC3906 charging parameters determine the external components can be a very small sealed lead-acid batteries to achieve fast and accurate charging. Which by the RA, RB, and Rc the resistor divider network can be used to detect the battery voltage. In addition, the circuit can also be a reference voltage with the precise (VREF) compared to determine the float voltage, over-charge voltage and trickle charge threshold voltage. A battery charge cycle can be divided by the time high-current fast charge state, charge state and floating charge over the state and other three, the charging parameters are VF, Voc, IMAX, IOCT and so on. As long as the input power to allow or power tubes can bear, IMAX's value can be as large as possible. Charge termination current IOCT had the choice should be as much as possible close to 100% charge the battery. IMAX and IOCT respectively by current limiting amplifier and current sense amplifier offset voltage and current sense resistor Rs decisions. VF, Voc of the value from the internal reference voltage VREF and the external resistors RA, RB, Rc a network to decide.

Figure 2Dual level float charger 2, the practical application of the basic circuit diagram 3 for an environmental parameter test in the practical application of the battery charger circuit. As always connected to the battery on the charger to prevent battery into the charger output current should be adjusted in the series between the pipe and the output of a diode in series.
In order to avoid the battery after the interruption input power divider resistors R3 through the discharge, the design will be instructed through the power transistor R3 (7 feet) to the ground.
When the battery voltage reaches over 95% of charging voltage Voc (ie, 14.25V), the battery state of charge transfer over, this time over the charging voltage to maintain the charge voltage, charge current begins to decline. When the charge current drops off charge termination current (IOCT) when, UC3906 10-pin output high, LM339 comparator output low, the battery automatically transferred to floating state. Figure 312V sealed lead-acid battery float charger, dual-level circuit 3 Conclusion Because of a very small external components to connect in a wide temperature range to achieve precise and rapid battery charging, the battery charger with UC3906 simplifies the design process . The charger shows that in practical applications: it has a simple, practical, stable, and reliable performance. Proposed organization of management to develop as soon as possible, including on shared ways of data exchange agreements, the normative content of guidance documents and implementation.
The use of ClCompatible with each other and exchange information platform conditions and capabilities.

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