4.4.2 battery drain fix s3,laptop battery for dell inspiron n5110,xperia tablet s battery replacement - Step 1

By the way , DND mode just stops notifications, it doesn't help your battery at all(people may quibble that stopping vibration will help battery life slightly, but not to any noticeable amount). Hello, I am new here and registered because of the current problem I'm having as its driving me insane. Or if I am completely wrong and someone with a lot more knowledge on the matter (im fairly a noob when it comes to mobile OS's) can shed some light or even just a thought of how to solve this problem.

This method should work for the S4: [Guide] Rebooting into Recovery Mode for the Galaxy S2, S3, and Tab2.
Luckily that is the only problem I have had with the KitKat update, as I have seen many listed, I do still however, as a number of people i've seen on forums and the internet, have my Android System process at the top of my battery usage stats (higher than the screen), seems this is a kitkat wide problem with a number of devices and no specific fix?
And the situation becomes worse in case you have more than one account as it will make the battery drain much faster.

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