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Nokia has packed the N8 to the gills with features and this trend continues on with the connectivity. But in spite of packing in so much hardware, the Nokia N8 put out some decent battery life numbers. As Brian pointed out in his GLBenchmark article, we’ve included some numbers for the N8. Also, in case anyone wants to say how easy it is to cross-develop apps for Meego & Symbian, from what I read, that much is true. Quick OverviewHigh quality and long cycle life put these batteries a cut above the competition.
When I first reviewed the iPhone I talked about its battery life as being borderline for the business traveler. Unfortunately, as Apple doesn't design any of the chips or battery technology that goes into the iPhone, it doesn't really have much control over things like 3G battery life. At 197 minutes, the iPhone 3G can keep you browsing for a little over 3 hours before completing dying.
In our 3G performance test from earlier this afternoon we found that while 3G can easily be up to 10x faster than Edge, the real world browsing performance will generally be significantly slower than that. Posting battery life comparisions is pretty meaningless without us knowing what batteries are being used.
It normally takes several days to fully run through our battery life test suite so forgive me for the brief nature of this section. At 5.25 hours the Atrix 4G has the 6th longest battery life in this test of all of the phones we have in our Smartphone Bench database. Hi,Thanks for this great preview, this phone seems to be a really great device :)One question though, do you know if the LED is multi color ? They apparently want $500 for the laptop dock and $130 for the desktop dock, not to mention tethering charges WHEN YOU ARE NOT TETHERING.It's completely absurd, and is probably the first time I've actually started wishing for carrier subsidies to be outlawed, as they are in some countries.
I have no doubt that tomes have been written about the differences between AT&T and Verizon already. Ultimately, the larger net effect of the Verizon iPhone 4 will be to increase pressure on Android. In ifixit's teardown they say the wi-fi antenna is what you point out to be the cell antenna. Indeed, the component they pointed to and called the WiFi antenna is the first of two cellular feed lines, and that part has indeed not changed. And this is a bit surprising considering the fact that the N8 comes packed with the same 1200mAh BL-4D battery as the decidedly lower end E5! GLBenchmark does not yet officially support Symbian^3, and the version I ran on the N8 was for S60 5th Edition. As I mentioned in the review, I could get away with using the N8 over a GSM-only network with moderate usage for almost 3 days. We want small size phones, powerful features and lengthy battery life. Just get a backup battery.
The Mogul was an absolute monster at eating batteries, despite its bountiful 1600mah battery (that was quite heavy). The screen differences will also result in differing power consumption but overall I'd expect better battery life out of the Atrix than the Optimus 2X.
Obviously just the table is wrong.Looking forward to this and other mobile's with high resolution displays!

It's a debate that has raged on like some sort of cellular analog of the 100-year-war, with each camp ideologically entrenched and beyond the point of reason. Verizon is the carrier that Google's platform has arguably enjoyed the most success with.
I'm in the Boston area and have never once had a dropped call using an iphone 3g and now an iphone 4.
Some signal is better than none.However, as the article mentions, this is very dependent on the individual. Although I didn’t have any issues running other S50 5th edition apps, the Egypt test in the GLBenchmark suite refused to run on the N8. For an unlocked pentaband phone, that's not a bad deal, especially since it comes with a camera as good as found on $400 compacts (S95, LX5 are ~$400).Secondly, Mithun's 3G talk time results seem egregious to me.
The iPhone 3G on the other thand is much slimmer, lighter and FASTER with better battery life.
It does TRUE mirroring of the WHOLE UI so no need for this silly laptop dock when I can buy a cheap laptop and do basically the same thing for FREE. I was running the last test - WiFi battery life test - when it was time to hop on the plane for MWC.
What will iPhone 5 bring when it arrives presumably during the normal summer refresh cadence?
Having an iPhone doing direct battle on the same carrier isn't so much optional for Apple anymore as it is necessity. I'm pretty certain my location is why I've had such a great experience with at&t, are you not near a major city? One person may almost never experience dropped calls on AT&T due to where and when they use their phone. While waiting in line for my second iPhone (got the last one at the apple store on the 11th) for 7 hours the phone drained the battery to near death.
I can get a very good netbook or even laptop for less money- the whole setup is proprietary. Is the MDM6600 the baseband Apple will go with for the next device as well, perhaps this next time including the power amps necessary for dual-mode operation? Even if you disagree with the philosophical choices that iOS has made, you have to hand it to Apple for catalyzing changes that will force carrier competition based on the merits of their networks. Our other phone is a cheap T-mobile phone, and even with a cheap 2 year old flip phone, calls rarely failed. In such a situation that person may adamantly prefer the AT&T iPhone over the Verison model.
And if set so, the N8 can automatically switch between GSM and UMTS bands, depending on availability.
It's as snappy as a 3GS, and the GPU is great for gaming - played Angry Birds, NFS Shift and Galaxy on Fire with no slowdowns.
With the accelerated mobile phone upgrade cycle, it means it's money down a very fast drain.
It's impossible to say for sure what will happen, and we rarely dabble in such murky, speculative waters. Alternately, another person may use their phone -- even in the same city -- in locals and at times where the phone routinely drops calls due to AT&T's network issues. It's also played 720p videos without a hitch - remarkably, the phone stayed cool to the touch even after a 1 hr+ video session with a 720p mkv for me.Slow webkit browser is slow, fortunately Opera Mobile is decent for general web use (as opposed to synthetic benchmarks).

Definitely one area Nokia could improve on though.It may not be the Ferrari of phones, but it is a far cry from a turd.
If having more ubiquitous data coverage (at the expense of speed) sounds reasonable, get the Verizon iPhone. There is virtually no detectable signal there at all even with very sophisticated equipment and large antennas.
If you play with the phone non stop you will get about the claimed 5 or 6 hours of use and will need to charge it a few times a day. You have to move several hundred yards from her parking lot (in almost any direction) for any Verizon phone to work. But if you use the phone like a normal human being you should only need to charge it once a day and for infrequent use, every other day. Above all else, find out who has better coverage in the areas that actually matter to you - the workplace, at home, and along daily commute.
Verizon has known about this dead spot for over 8 years and has yet to negotiate a new tower in the area (or modify existing towers) to fill that hole.
Both phones are still missing some basic features, but there has been an improvement in the latter version.
Until carriers report coverage with actual numbers and following some standard, take coverage maps with a hearty dose of skepticism. The only way to know for certain is to either borrow a friend or his phone, or make liberal use of return policies.
The rear of the original iPhone has a smooth metal finish with a black strip at the bottom.
The front of it has a shiny metal piece that surrounds the side of the phone and ends behind the screen. The iPhone 3G features buttons that are made from a shiny metal, excluding the home button.
The shape of the 3G phone is a major difference as the original iPhone is a little thicker and completely flat when set down. This makes for a better experience surfing, watching Youtube videos, and downloading data onto the phone from the Internet.
Ill try get it for free.Thanks very much ??Ainsley ragnarokquest I was really thinking about buying one of these phones, but after reading this I just couldn’t resist!
They advertise the phone for its 3G capabilities all over the nation, but the actual service only works in major cities.
I’m sure some people have been disappointed after getting the phone home and not being able to get the 3G symbol to show up. Being that its now December, about halfway to a major revision or close to a minor one (32GB soon?), I’m unsure what to do.
A better camera, option for video, a plastic back that won’t crack would be bonuses along with all the features we should have had since the beginning.

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