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During its Nintendo Direct broadcast tonight, Nintendo revealed a new version of the 3DS featuring larger screens. The Mugen Power 6250mAh Extended Battery is priced at $89.50, and comes with a battery door that matches the New 3DS XL colors in black, red, and blue. When we want to talk portable gaming and entertainment one name has to come before all others because of its strong history in this area: Nintendo.
Chances are if you are reading this right now one of the key components to your decision is the types of games each option holds, and why shouldn’t it be? First of all if you haven’t played a lot of DS games, or have never touched one, there is a gigantic back catalog of games you can play right off the bat since 3DS plays all of the DS games.
If we just look at 3DS the offers used to be pretty slim, but lately there are an embarrassment of riches of sorts for the right kind of gamer. Looking at the future releases of a console is often even more telling than what’s currently out there and because of some big announcements by Nintendo recently you certainly won’t be hurting for experiences. Again this isn’t a comprehensive list and I’m sure that fans can come up with more (feel free to share in the comments). Before we launch into the other things the 3DS does, know that it is primarily a game playing device.
Now certainly they don’t sound like much, but when you pass by another gamer with a 3DS and both of you have StreetPass enabled you’ll not only get their Mii  to help you in a little RPG lite game included with the system, but you can also receive various things from games you both have. 3DS also comes with a pair of pretty terrible cameras on inside and outside that allow you to take pictures in a not so glorious .3 mega pixels. The 3DS battery hits around 3-5 hours of straight gameplay and up to 8 playing your original DS games. The biggest feature that the 3DS boasts (which ironically is the least attractive to many) is the 3D. Overall when it comes to features, it’s like I said before: 3DS is for playing video games mostly.
This is the last category for each system and possibly the most important for the budget minded consumer (i.e. Original flavor 3DS is $169.99 and comes with a 2GB SD card along with a stylish charger stand and augmented reality cards to play mini games with. The 3DS XL retails for $199.99 and is simply a bigger version of the 3DS, though it certainly has a more aesthetically pleasing look to it and the form factor is just much more comfortable to hold.
Speaking of storage space the 3DS uses the dirt cheap storage of SD and SDHC cards, the latter of which can reach up to 32 GB in size. Playing against Nintendo in the handheld market has always been a losing venture, but PlayStation has hung in there like a champ with the original PSP. Again a certain type of gamer is represented here: one who values the more graphically inclined games that have bigger names and more console like experiences. As you can see there isn’t a lot here announced and much of it isn’t clear whether it’s coming out this year or the next. Still there are several experiences on these lists that will last you a long time and I’ve heard Persona 4, even though it’s a port, is not to be missed. All around the PlayStation Vita can just do more and thanks to its OLED screen looks really sexy doing it. Add to this the recent announcement of PS Plus on the PlayStation Vita and the whole package becomes that much more attractive. However, I’d feel like I was copping out a bit  if I didn’t give some kind of verdict, so what I will do here is give you MY opinion. Value wise for the $199 XL model I plan on eventually purchasing it’s just more of an out of the box type of system. Nintendo is also really good at offering separate experiences on their handheld than they do their consoles. Another big negative to me is Sony’s apparent lack of interest in truly supporting the handheld. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. An item that has been restored to working order by the eBay seller or a third party not approved by the manufacturer.
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Nintendo’s main reason for releasing the 3DS XL was the demand from gamers for larger displays.
In the latest Iwata Asks discussion, Satoru Iwata sits down with the engineers that helped design the 3DS XL and asks them what they like most about the new machine. Nintendo decided to increase the thickness and size of the A, B, X, and Y buttons as well as the Circle Pad in order to make them easier to use. The same design change has been applied to the L and R buttons, making them bigger and thicker. While the main gameplay buttons have been made bigger and thicker, the Start, Select, and Home buttons have been completely redesigned.
Nintendo has explained screen reflection is an issue on the 3DS because the 3D display is actually made up of three layers, all of which cause reflection. If you see both devices side-by-side it should be obvious the difference this makes, and certainly makes the XL a better choice than the 3DS. Another bonus of those larger displays is a better overall 3D effect if you choose to use it.
As well as improving all the buttons that feature on the device, Nintendo has spent time tweaking the case design. The end result, especially when combined with the easier to use L and R buttons, is a device that feels comfortable in the hand and not really any more of a burden to hold than the 3DS.
This isn’t specifically mentioned during the Iwata Asks discussion, but it has been confirmed before and certainly counts as a reason to consider the XL.

Taking into consideration all the advantages detailed above, paying an extra $30 for the 3DS XL instead of the 3DS seems like an easy decision. The buttons are bigger and feel like they’ll last longer, the larger displays not only make games more pleasant to look at they improve the 3D and cut down on glare.
Keep up with pictures of the latest food he’s been eating by following him on Twitter or IGN. Well it certainly all depends on what you want to do with your device, and more importantly, what kind of games you want to experience. From Game Boy to the wildly successful DS system, Nintendo has been providing quality gaming on the go for longer than anyone else. After all games are what it’s all really about for gamers in the end; not loyalty to a brand name. The most iconic faces in gaming reside on their systems; so if your thing is Mario, Zelda and Pokemon than you really don’t have to read much further than this bit do you? Some of the finest RPG’s found in this generation of gaming (yes even on consoles) are on the little system that could and it features smash hits from pretty much every other genre.
As you can see the future of the system is strong ,with Nintendo also recently stating that it’s got a lot of stuff up its sleeves it hasn’t shown yet; some of which is coming this year. It certainly has Netflix you can watch and a browser to surf the net, but these are nowhere near as good as what you can find on Vita and especially is dwarfed by tablets and smart phones. As a consolation the photos are 3D and Nintendo has patched in the ability to shoot ten minutes of 3D video. You can adjust a slider and experience the games in full blown 3D without the need for glasses.
If you want to experience other types of media out there than your probably better off looking elsewhere. When we get to the Vita you’ll understand why this might be the deciding factor for more than a few folks. Personally I felt the system had a lot going for it with more full bodied console style games as well as a lot of great niche RPG games.
PS Vita is a beefier system, which will cover why in the features section below, but what it means for us is that we can have more robust and in depth experiences closer to what the console can do.
It’s worthy to note that the PSV has a lot of these and they are probably the better looking and performing ports when it comes to portables. Especially if you own a PlayStation 3 and want to play every game in their respective franchises than you can stop reading, you’ve found your portable. This was mostly due to the fact that Sony completely ignored their handheld in their E3 press conference and hasn’t really announced much since. Cross game saves are also a great feature that exists for a couple of games that allows you to take your save with you and one network id is used across all systems so trophies carry over as well. Cross Play lets you buy a copy of one game and automatically get another so there is a much higher degree of the two systems connecting than say the 3DS and the Wii U. The PS Vita is also capable of augmented reality though it doesn’t need the cards included with the 3DS and is, by all reports, superior in its execution to Nintendo’s. The form factor is impressive and aesthetically it looks more mature and svelte than its competition. The biggest hidden cost and catch when it comes to the PSV is Sony’s baffling decision to go with proprietary storage again.
If you read the above descriptions and you found one system more appealing than the other than you’ve got your answer. With the Vita your baseline cost is at least another $50 to the price if you want a ok sized memory card so realistically you are looking at $300 for a system (though there are bundles out there that have a 4GB in them for $250).
What this means is you get games you can’t play anywhere else and it makes the system have more exclusives by default. Last years E3 they had a chance to blow us out of the water, but instead showed two pictures of some games titles and then All-Stars, which is also playable on PS3. I don’t follow a brand and never have, I just follow the games I want to play wherever they lead me.
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Not including a second circle pad was a mistake, but one Nintendo apparently couldn’t fix without making the device even bigger. The responses form a picture of a greatly improved machine, and offer 6 reasons why you may want to trade in your 3DS for the larger device.
This should mean you don’t have to wrap your fingers around the device as much to ensure you can press them firmly. To successfully press one of them you had to be quite accurate and push where the button’s name was printed. Apparently the case design was focused on making the displays look as good as possible, and the more rounded corners seem to be key to both the overall look and comfort of holding the device. The unit itself is nice to hold and the battery lasts longer even though it sports two 90% bigger displays. You say Nintendo hasn’t released any quality software and that the handheld console will become obsolete as handhelds begin to further imitate consoles.
The article won’t be discussing tablets or smart phones, though they are a viable alternative of sorts to these systems.
The DS alone has sold over 153 million systems worldwide (!) with a whopping 59 million of that being sold in the Americas alone.
With its high quality first party titles and rising support from third parties, due to strong sales of the system, it’s an appealing line up.
It adds an element of community and fun to the system that takes full advantage of the Nintendo brand of charm and nostalgia.
There is a photo editor that comes with the system that, especially for children, is fun to tool with.

I’ve read in numerous places that it adds roughly 2 hours of gameplay though I’ve also read that it’s exactly the same as 3DS. Personally I had no headaches playing the system for long periods of time like some and I thought that it certainly added something to certain games, but it wasn’t a mind blowing experience.
Battery life with the XL has been reported to be larger with the 3DS XL and the buttons, analog, and strip along the bottom are all higher quality than the base modle.
It never garnered the attention that the DS did with only  71 million systems sold worldwide, not that those numbers are anything to sneeze at. I also didn’t mention the crazy amount of PS2 and PS1 games that you could download onto your Vita from the PSN or cross play games like Sly Cooper 4 and All Stars because you can play them on your PlayStation 3. There may be a bunch of stuff currently unannounced that we will see at this year’s E3, but going off what’s here it’s slim. This means that more traditional camera controls can be implemented bringing our portable experience closer to the console version and just allowing more forms of input. It also does Facebook, Skype, Netflix, Twitter, and Foursquare as well as Music Unlimited, Flickr, YouTube, Hulu Plus and Crackle. Currently games like Gravity Rush, Uncharted and others are available free of charge during subscription. Memory is just so much more expensive than something like SD and the biggest size, 32gb will set you back a whopping hundred dollars.
If you like the opposite system better than don’t take it as a personal insult or affront to your life that I like the other one. They devoted nearly 30 minutes to the Harry Potter book, but they couldn’t take the time to blow it out for their struggling handheld. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. However, there’s a range of other improvements the 3DS XL brings you may not know about. With the Circle Pad it should be nicer to use for larger thumbs and the thickness is sure to make all the buttons feel of a higher quality. Nintendo designed them to press with a seesawing action, meaning it doesn’t matter where on the button you press it will register and feedback to the player as being pressed. The end result is reflectivity has been cut from around 12% on the 3DS to just 3% on the 3DS XL.
This means the 3D Depth Slider on the XL has a greater range, meaning an enhanced level of 3D in games.
If you want to browse the net, read books, watch movies, listen to music or have access to a myriad of apps and bite size gaming than perhaps those options are best for you. The 3DS, Nintendo’s current outing, shows a slightly different story and got off to a rough start, but has really been picking up the pace lately.
Admittedly, there is certainly a type of gamer represented more here, but it’s hard to look at this list and not find something to like. I have never played one so I can’t confirm or deny, but if you want to get the most battery than XL is your guy.
It also comes with the AR cards and a charger, though a stand is not included this go around and you’ll also get a 4GB card rather than the standard 2GB on the original system. Sony’s uphill battle here has always been selling  a more expensive handheld that can do more, but that just didn’t have as much third party support or the pick up and play sensibilities of its competition. In addition the PS Vita boasts a super sexy OLED capacitive touchscreen, two cameras (front and rear), rear touchscreen and a bevy of motion sensing and facial tracking suites. True, you lose these games if you lapse service though paying again will re-enable you to play and download them. That is staggering when you consider I can buy an entire terabyte of HD space for the same amount.
Nintendo didn’t do much better at E3, but has since rectified that with a bevy of announcements through Nintendo Direct.
In fact,  the latest sales figures over a year and 9 months of sales for 3DS we are sitting at a comfortable sale of 29 million units.
After all many gamers, though I am not one myself, feel that Nintendo games are a little outdated and kiddy for their tastes.
Whether or not these sorts of games are appealing to you is going to be a big piece of your purchase decision. Either way this is nowhere near as impressive as the DS’ 10 hours of game time and a bit of a let down honestly considering the base model is roughly the same battery life as Vita which is far more powerful.
If you’re a huge PlayStation fan this is just a no brainer and was the smartest thing Sony has done since the Vita’s release.
It was the worst decision Sony could have made and significantly raises the cost threshold. I think they have the best console exclusives out there as far as the two bigger systems go. Sony has still been mostly silent regarding their handheld and that doesn’t bode well. As long as you don’t want to do it at long stretches away from your home, as the battery is officially stated from Sony for 3-5 hours of gameplay.
With 3DS you get a fully capable system ready to go out of the box with plenty of space and easily (and more importantly cheaply) acquired extra memory. While PS Plus is a fantastic deal you have to store those games somewhere and since the cost of the memory is so high you’ll often find yourself using your PS3 as an impromptu storage unit swapping games back and forth to take them with you. While reports earlier tonight indicated that the Japanese and European versions of the system will not include an AC adapter, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the North American version of the 3DS XL will include an AC adapter in the package.

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