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During its Nintendo Direct broadcast tonight, Nintendo revealed a new version of the 3DS featuring larger screens.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The Boxing Gloves by dreamGEAR add realism to the fighting and fitness games on the PS3 Move. The Motion Equalizer adds more realism to every PlayStation 3 shooting game which uses the PS3 Move controllers. Intec Resort Vacation Pack contains 6 remote attachments which allow you to play your favorite Nintendo Wii Sports Resort games. With a classic six-button layout and enlarged, circular eight-way floating D-Pad, the WWE All STARS brings the experience of wrestling right into your home. The Gripz Pak by Mad Catz for PlayStation Move controllers improves comfort and grip, and provides durable protection against wear and tear from daily use.
The Nyko 83083 PlayStation Move Charge Station easily charges and stores both the Navigation and Motion Controllers at once. Ok, so this might sound strange, but the Wii U Pro Controller actually uses Nintendo 3DS battery.

How the hell does the Pro Controller last 80 hours, the 3DS battery life is crap.The Pro Controller is just a controller.
Well, I now know that once my Pro Controller battery breaks, I can switch it with my 3DS battery. It has less things to power, the 2 screens use allot of power on the 3dsThe Pro Controller is just a controller. I mam pytanie odnosnie kupna , czy jest mozliwosc zakupienia tej baterii w Polsce lub przez jakas strone ktora wysyla takie bateryjki do PL? Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Keep up with pictures of the latest food he’s been eating by following him on Twitter or IGN. I just sat down to fire up my 3DS to load the new Netflix update and was greeted by an unresponsive black screen and a drained battery.
The double capacity battery can provide up to twice the playtime with just a single charge, and features the Nyko Soft Feel Surface as well as de-bossed finger grips for the best grip on the device. Unless someone needed a new 3DS battery, but the battery would likely be cheaper than the Pro Controller.

Many of you, like me, remember the good old days where you could leave your DSi lid closed for months at a time to re-open and start playing again, no problem.
Provides hours of continuous gameplay, includes rechargeable battery pack and screw driver. Ogolnie calkiem spoko za ta cene, mialem jeden komplet rok, ale juz pod koniec mocno zarysowany. 3D graphics and WiFi are very battery intensive and perhaps Nintendo expected consumers would be happy with 3-5 hours of battery life per charge. The PowerPak+ is the best solution for powering your 3DS to allow you to play for much longer with more comfort. Check 3DS PriceIf you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
While reports earlier tonight indicated that the Japanese and European versions of the system will not include an AC adapter, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the North American version of the 3DS XL will include an AC adapter in the package.

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