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Lenovo's just updated the X200 series, Cory's main machine, and the reviews are looking good. An improved keyboard, made up of larger keys, is made possible by widening what is now a 12.5-inch widescreen, yet the X220 is even lighter than its predecessor, the Lenovo ThinkPad X201 ($1,625 direct, 4 stars). Most interesting is the claimed 24-hour battery life, accomplished with a snap-on extra battery. Eye-Fi makes clever wifi hotspots in the shape of SD cards; your camera sees them as SD cards but you can mount them on your network and automatically feed the images captured by your camera to a nearby laptop. Kyle writes, “The Volt is a fully open source, arduino-based, handmade analog clock that tells time with meters.
If you’ve got a coding career on your mind, few programming disciplines will take you farther than a commanding knowledge of the Python language, which is not to be mistaken for parseltongue. Folks used to rely on alarms to protect their home – and before that, the family dog.
This is my next laptop — as soon as I see someone confirm a clean install with Ubuntu. Can’t believe how literally cool this machine stays while have a quad core (8 virtual cores) inside this thing. I’d much rather have that than the smooth-and-curvy Apple look, which always seemed pretentious to me. By cutting the unibody out of a single piece of aluminum Apple is able to manufacture a critically important piece that is only one part reducing the risk of other inconsistencies and failures when using multiple parts.

Unlike polycarbonate cases the aluminum unibody is highly recyclable and leaves a low imprint on the environment. The Macbook Pro does not squeak or emit odd mechanical sounds like plastic-cased notebooks sometimes do after so many months of use. The unibodies are milled and drilled using CNC machining, laser pierced and then anodized creating tight tolerances from hell. I used to sell and service computers, and Lenovo seemed rock solid then and seem to have kept up with the times.
It claims 8 hours 40 mintues with standard battery plus 6 to 8 additional hours with the extended battery, about 14-16 hours not 24. More importantly: Does it have a way to make Corey use the spell-checker on his carefully installed word processing programs?
Before that I had a ThinkPad T43, which had pretty good battery life, but lunched two hard drives in two years.
Still, the aesthetic didn’t bug me, and other than the HD, I found it pretty bulletproof. I guess I am a little confused about why long battery life over multiple batteries warrants being an important feature. Manufacturers will continue to misstate battery life as long as blogs repeat their specious claims.
The review unit’s battery life was measured at 8 hours, 40 minutes using the standard 6 cell, 63 WHr battery.

Good thing they made the enter key blue, because how else would one even know it’s there? According to the manufacture, these notebooks are able to work out 12-hour battery life for all-day computing with activation of energy-saving profiles, ASUS Power4Gear.
Factor in the new Intel Core i5 i5-2520M CPU, basedon Intel's Sandy Bridge platform (now known as second-generation Core processors) and fantastic battery life and the ThinkPad X220 easily earns an Editor's Choice in the business ultraportable category. Oftentimes, the weakest point is the joint between two objects, and the new unibody dramatically reduces those joints. If I were willing to deal with Linux on a daily basis then I would follow Cory’s lead and get one of these. It is offers four power profiles (for high-performance, entertainment, quiet office, and battery saving). The clocks are but with solid black walnut and maple, with faceplates produced in brass, copper, and steel.

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