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THE GOODS:There are builds that are well thought-out, full of parts that make sense, and flow well with one another. Most of this ITR's mods are inside though where you'll spot a Mugen steering wheel and boss, shift knob and pedal assembly, and meter under visor.
HOW IT WENT DOWN:Colin saw his first Type R when he was 15 and from that day forward knew he had to have one. LOVE AND HATE:What makes a great Type R isn't necessarily what's been done to it but is oftentimes what hasn't been done to it. THE GOODS:Maybe it's the cost of getting into one or maybe it's the lack of aftermarket support when compared to older Civics but the '06-'08 Si coupe isn't exactly the most popular Honda out there. THE GOODS:Despite what some may think, Honda enthusiasm holds no boundaries when it comes to age or gender-18-year-old Kristyn Speer is proof of this. Inventor William Liddiard posted a video of what he claims is the first set of “bolt-on” omni-directional wheels for any wheeled vehicle. One of the most impressive iterations of Toyota's archetype sports coupe that you'll never see.
Porsche just delivered a blow to some supercar egos with a new blistering Nurburgring lap time set by the 2017 Panamera Turbo. Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your in-box. For those who have some sort of aspiration, it ought to be major as well as higher for the reason that XXXXXX is absolutely pricey and you will under no circumstances acquire it again.
The actual Ford Social Tourer appears in the beginning view mainly the way of life combi as well as that doesn’t bode nicely for that inside. At this stage, exact details are vague – although like everyone else, Honda will field a 1.

There are also builds that are more of a hodgepodge of everything the aftermarket has to offer and then some, none of which really sync with one another. It took him five years worth of crappy jobs to save up the cash to buy one but he tells us it was all worth it. No, her EX buildup isn't chock-full of a K- or even a B-series engine swap, it doesn't have a pair of Recaros, and it doesn't have authentic Mugen or Spoon wheels direct from Japan. The factory ITR power lock switches were swapped in favor of LS ones while a dual-DIN block-off plate, center console, clock block-off plate, and rear seats were sourced from the JDM market.
Miles decided to forego flashy body mods and instead added nothing more to the exterior than a VIS carbon-fiber hood along with special headlights and taillights he found online.
The no-name trend continues with a carbon-fiber hood, a Mugen-replica front lip, and 16-inch mesh wheels coated pink. Floor mats happen to be Euro-spec while the airbag block-off tray is courtesy of the Canadian market Integra. No, he and some friends packed up one of their rides and made the 2,000-mile trip to Fort Wayne, Ind., where he picked up his dream car.
The Si rides on factory dampers but is dropped with NEUSPEED race springs and aligned properly with the help of Skunk2 camber arms.
The pink theme continues with the addition of OEM foglights along with a few interior bits, and CTR headlights also fitted with a pink HID kit.
The excitement begins outside with the 16-inch, bronze Mugen MF10 wheels complete with Mugen center caps and lug nuts.
Power is addressed by means of an AEM cold-air intake along with, you guessed it, a no-name axle-back exhaust system.
Of course, a Mugen airbox, thermostat, and radiator cap find their way underhood along with an Odyssey battery and Vision carbon-fiber spark plug wire cover.

Sure, these are all good things but all good things come with a price, which doesn't exactly make the latest Si cheap. The real fun starts underhood where you'll spot a GReddy bolt-on turbo kit complete with the company's T517Z turbocharger and e-Manage Ultimate piggyback computer. Kristyn tells us that her dream is to fit the EX with a GReddy turbo kit complete with a front-mount intercooler. Mugen front and rear shock tower braces as well as a 26mm rear stabilizer bar ties up the chassis and help fight flex.
To bring the MF10s to a halt Colin opted for Hawk HPS pads that are cooled through a King Motorsports brake duct kit. Miles tweaked the kit by adding a Turbo XS blow-off valve and manual boost controller set to 12 psi. Also, outside the ITR is fitted with OEM Honda Access window visors and is sleeked down with the removal rear wiper package. An assortment of Auto Meter gauges and a Skunk2 exhaust system round off the mods and keep this Si relatively simple.
Miles plans on adding a Hondata system should the Honda ECU geniuses develop something for the FG2 as well as a K24 engine block swap and a few more pounds of boost.

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