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Introducing the newest product to our killer line-upa€¦ the new Password:JDM Battery Relocator is everything youa€™ve been asking for. Besides leaking acid, the stock battery is bulky, heavy, and straight out fuglya€¦ by rocking the new Password:JDM Battery Relocator, you eliminate all these problems in one shot. The Password:JDM Battery Relocator utilizes an Odyssey 680* mini Drycell which is absolutely the best battery on the market.

Putting it in the cabin or trunk is dangerous because all batteries gas out when your cara€™s running, this can be very dangerous. Pop hoods and youa€™ll instantly be able to tell real power players from those who can somewhat barely managea€¦ Why bother with the bullshit of rigging something up, grab this kit and save yourself a headache by not having to deal with a stock battery ever again. Password:JDM went well over the top with this new Battery Relocator, could we possibly have done it any less?

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