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A simple emergency lamp which does not require any special equipment; even a multimeter to assemble and use. It is always better to connect a heat sink with BD 140.Before using the circuit out put of LM317 must be set to 7V by adjusting the potentiometer.
I am attaching the photos of my prototype in an National emergency light and also the PCB design.
You can search out different car DVD players in the market or online and then you can select the best one out of them by carefully considering the interiors of your cars. I like this circuit but I have a 12v ups battery how can I use the battery with this circuit without any problem. Sir I need your advice at present I have an UPS which is no more in used for the Pc cos ever one in the house have got laptops, the UPS I want to used as an emergency light pls advice me as how many LED are require dim i for the 12v UPS and where can I get them or could you give me a circuit diagram where I can build it.
Hi, the Automatic LED Emergency Circuit Diagram is auto charge (transistor LM317) circuit battery 6volt.
I m working on the circuit 1 and I dont have much knowledge about it so can you please explain me the procedure, gladly i want to say your contribution towards this field and helping to beginners who are not very well known about circuits . Is the readymade PCB of the Auotmatic LED emergency light available for purchase in circuitstoday.
PCB & All component is available from you please sent cost if possible send sample to me for trial.
My name is krishna and i want to do project about SMOKE DETECTOR SO Plz you send component list and also curcuit diagram along with simplied. Rechargeable halogen searchlight that emits focused light with a range of up to several kilometers. Portable 2 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight Quartz Halogen BulbBest in Reviews - Light Up The Sky Like The Professionals!

This large cordless 2,000,000 candle power spotlight uses a quartz halogen bulb and is perfect for emergencies, camping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor use.
Great for emergency roadside repair, use in the garage, and to locate objects at great distances.
Stanley 2M Series Spotlight has a 12 volt 3Ah SLA rechargeable battery and a 12 volt 75 watt halogen bulb.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Chargeable LED searchlight with a very strong light - 10 Watt LEDdiode generates light output of 850 lm.
Any individual who can do a good quality soldering must be able to build this circuit successfully. This particular circuit has been kept so simple for people who has limited access to components or in other words this is an emergency light that you can build with minimum components. Puff to OFF LED circuit – A simple,hobby and more of a fun circuit where you can turn OFF an LED with a puff. Light Activated Switch – A circuit application to make a switch activated when light falls upon (and vice versa). The only required adjustment is the preset which has to be set to ensure the LEDs just light up (it should be left at that position). I wanted to know if there is any equivalent and also how to give power supply indicate light please reply soon. Convenient base that allows to set direction of the stream of light, firm and tight housing are additional benefits of the spotlight. The swivel carrying handle is absolutely great for patrol searches and it can be recharged either at home or in your car.

This can be easily accommodated in the defunct two 6 watt tube National Emergency Lamp or any PL tube type emergency lamp.
In addition to circuit diagram, He has shared photographs of the prototype he made in National emergency light and a PCB design.
This can be easily accommodated in the defunct two 6 watt tube National Emergency Lamp or any PL tube type emergency lamp. The auto function is taken care by MOSFET (the day light or with other light sources you do not require this light) hence an LDR(light dependent resistance) is used to sense the ambient light and to switch of the light.
Deep discharge is taken care by the LED characteristic and over charge protection is taken care by the fixed voltage regulator.This uses a simple 3Pin fixed regulator which has a built in current limiting circuit.
Deep discharge is taken care by the LED characteristic and over charge protection is taken care by the fixed voltage regulator. 2 LEDs are used in series the dropping resistance is avoided and 2 LEDs light up with current by by a single LED,  by which energy is saved to a great extent.
The 5mm LDR is just mounted on top of the emergency light as shown in the photograph. LDR is used to avoid it lighting up during day time or when the room lights are ON. 2 LEDs are used in series; the dropping resistance is avoided and 2 LEDs light up with current that is required for a single LED,  by which energy is saved to a great extent.

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