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The unit can be installed either on the battery itself, the battery holder, or the chassis of the vehicle. In Figure 3, we see how an Infinitum Desulfator is installed in parallel to a configuration of six 2V batteries in series often found in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) batteries or solar and wind battery banks. In Figure 4, the Infinitum Desulfators can be installed on individual batteries and charged together.
The desulfators installed on a battery bank with batteries setup both in parallel and in series. We received an order from the Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant in Philippines in November of 2012.
It is strongly recommended that the surface area of the installation location is clean.Choose either one of these installation methods.

Use the provided industrial double sided adhesive and stick the desulfator in a location close to the battery. In this setup, all four 12V batteries in series would be charged with a 48V charger in a parallel connection. The purchase was made to optimize the life span of the battery banks consisting of sixty 2V deep cycle batteries.However, due to the maintenance schedule they had to adhere to, the desulfators were only installed in April of 2014. Thats the sulfation on the plates, they build up getting longer and longer and eventually can get long enough to cause an internal short.
Similarly, the desulfators will work just the same should there be more or fewer batteries in the serial setup, just as long as they are charged with a correlated volt rated charger. During which time, the batteries were kept in storage in a discharged state for two months.

They were glass vats that you could see the plates and the whiskers were big enough you can see. The rule of thumb being, the fewer batteries a desulfator reconditions the greater the efficacy. But the resonance the desulfators produce break down the whiskers and keeps the materials fluidized.fantasyshroom: Hey I was wondering if you could explain what exactly happens inside the battery when a desulfator is hooked into it?
After the alternator kicks in, the Green LED will illuminate, confirming that the voltage is above 12.5V.

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