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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Fullriver Battery specializes in the research, design and manufacture of spill-proof lead acid batteries and power supply systems. VRLA batteries are used to store electricity and provide power for solar electrical systems, boats, RVs and electric golf carts.
A large battery back-up system is great for supplying intermittent power during cloudy days, but more expensive. China Shoto Battery specializes in the research, design and manufacture of spill-proof lead acid batteries, power supply systems and energy-related businesses.
GEL solar batteries by China Shoto are designed to be discharged and recharged hundreds of times.
Auxiliary power connection can power an Exclamation Light, or recharge USB devices using a USB Adaptor.
This 12V DC Battery Charging Station can be used to maintain vehicle batteries (car, RV, motorcycle) in the off season when they are not being driven.

This product is eligible for a 30% tax credit off its base retail cost under the Credit for Residential Energy Efficient Property, or $34.50 of tax savings. Controlling the entire process from grid casting to final assembly, quality is assured with a 5-year limited warranty.
VRLA batteries consist of the AGM solar battery (absorbed glass mat battery) and the Gel (gel cel) battery. China Shoto Batteries are developed from the world's most advanced concepts and techniques in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nanjing Institute of Technology.
The differences between AGM and GEL batteries are enough to take the particular application into consideration so that the VRLA battery will last longer. Or, connect to a deep-cycle lead-acid battery to create you own solar power system and power 12V DC appliances such as an Exclamation Light (the battery charging station is not recommended for 12V DC appliances with a current draw over 3 amps).
Besides a few tools (and your 12V lead-acid battery of choice), you'll find everything you need in the box to start charging.
Or, instead of a 12V DC appliance, plug in a USB adaptor, and you will be able to recharge anything that charges via USB (phones, tablets, etc.).

Generally speaking, a GEL solar battery excels at slower discharge rates and at slightly higher ambient operating temperatures.
China Shoto deep cycle VRLA batteries are used to store electricity and provide electrical power for solar electrical systems, solar communications, railway, aviation, military and other industrial applications.
GEL cells must be charged at a lower voltage than flooded lead acid or AGM batteries to prevent excess gas from damaging the cells. Follow Electrical Technology on Google+, Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest & Linkedin to get the latest updates or subscribe Here to get latest Engineering Articles in your mailbox.
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