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I just recently had to replace the 12V auxiliary battery in the electric MR2 after almost 2 years of driving. The 12V battery on converted electric cars, serve mostly the same purpose as the 12V battery in a gas car.
Have you ever left the lights on after driving in the rain and come back to a dead battery? Based on your normal driving pattern, estimate the max downtime you will have between driving the car. Multiply the amp draw result from step 1 by the number of hours representing the time you will not be driving the car on a regular basis from step 2.
The electric MR2 uses a 22 amp-hour (AH) deep cycle sealed lead acid battery, which should   give me ample energy to park the car for over 10 days.
I don’t, however, recommend doing this because if you ever leave your lights on, you could deplete you main pack battery much quicker. For those of you driving electric cars, how many days can you park your electric car without the 12V battery draining?
Related PostsMay 15, 2013 -- Should you install a Battery Management System to protect those expensive Lithium batteries? Thanks for the numbers, that makes me feel a bit more confident that my amp draw is inline with yours. No, I don’t have an ignition relay between the dc-dc converter output and the 12V battery as your set up shown in the schematic diagram.

Thanks to all those that responded with your suggestions (Here’s a thread of discussion that I posted on diyelectric car and the many useful response I got on the post). HOV stickers to be extended for electric cars in California until 2020 but not for conversions yet. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A maintenance free car battery this 069 Numax Premium 12V 68Ah Car Battery offers extreme reliability, durability and value for money. They may seem simple, but depending on how fast and powerful the engine, certain ones are needed. Also, newer technology offers lighter and more powerful batteries for those wanting to go green or just want a little extra juice. Either way, 12v batteries are the power cell of choice for automobiles and recreational vehicles. Shallow cycle (or starting) 12v batteries deliver a massive dose of power to the engine it’s connected to, but mainly to start it.
The batteries themselves have several thin separators to charge the lead-acid mixture inside.
Deep cycle 12v batteries are meant for electric vehicles and small motors, including RVs and scooters. However, using one of these in a car would be unwise due to the amount of electricity needed to start a car engine.

As 2010 bring new technology to the retail market, auto makers have started to offer lithium-ion batteries.
Currently, Porsche is the only one offering these batteries as an option for their 911 models. 12v batteries are nothing special, but they provide long-lasting power for cars, trucks, and RVs across the globe. If you're looking for honest evaluations of the newest, coolest techno-gadgets offered, (as well as the 'oldies but goodies') I'm confident you'll find my website helpful! Designed using Calcium Sliver Technology the Numax Premium Sliver range of car batteries can give up to 20% longer service life than other leading brands.* Recommended for petrol, diesel or LPG powered cars Numax car batteries are compatible with 98% of the current automotive market.
After a few times of draining and charging, the battery become dead for good and has to be replaced. Built to OE Specification standards a Numax Premium Sliver car battery is part of the fastest growing range of automotive batteries in todays competitive marketplace.* As specified on the manufacturers literature. Compared to lead-acid 12v batteries, these are lighter, cost more, and can be recharged more times.
If putting in a new battery seems out of their league, get a pro to pop it in for them or someone at the auto parts store should know how.

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