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A reminder about setting up your surrogator – keep those zip ties handy – they are critical tools to keep the surrogator tight and predator resistant. Next month’s update will summarize Release #1 from 2011 and the progress I’ve made with the quail feeders. As noted in the July 2009 article, the May 2006 Lead-Acid Battery Zapper & Condition Checker has been a very popular project but since it was published a few shortcomings have become apparent. Many readers also found the combination of the Battery Zapper & Condition Checker fairly tricky to assemble and disassemble because it was a bit of a shoe-horn job into the plastic case.
The lower section of the circuit is basically a sample-and-hold digital voltmeter which samples the battery voltage only during the last of the three current pulses and compares it with the battery’s no-load voltage. In more detail, the heart of the pulsed current load section is IC2, a 4017B decade counter.
Les has just uploaded Experimental Proton version with digital pin conversion within the .def files! This is a Beta version of the Proton compiler that has the code to convert a device's analogue pins to digital, within the .def file. I've been working on a product that is using Digi's Xbee radios to communicate between four PIC-based devices. When using the Fuse configurator one have to first have a Device = XXXXXX and the Fuse Configurator knows to which device the fuse settings will be generated.

Why after pasting to the IDE from Fuse Configurator another instance of Device = XXXXXX is generated?
Just for info John, as a matter of consistency I always begin with a few descriptive comments, then the device and the crystal frequency. There is some hardware feature that is needed to program this device and PicKit2 can't be changed to do it.
I can now have a few days holiday knowing that I will return to a successful bootloader session. If you want I can dig up a full circuit diagram, as only a teaser is available on the website. In view of this, we recently decided to develop improved versions of both the Checker and the Zapper but to feature them as separate projects, to make them easier to build. Essentially, the upper section is a pulsed current load which draws a sequence of three very short high-current pulses from the battery, after you press the CHECK pushbutton S1. This indicates the battery’s condition by showing how much its terminal voltage droops under load. If it droops even more than this, either yellow LED5 (POOR) or red LED4 (FAIL) will glow, giving you an idea of how urgently the battery should be replaced. This can count clock pulses from gate IC1d, which is configured as a relaxation oscillator running at about 66Hz.

I'm using one USB adapter to have the RS485 on the PC side and the small adapter with inside the MAX 485 to the PIC side.
I spend all the yesterday an part of today to try to found the problem, finally I have realized that there are a problem with the adapter. So far I have been using AT mode and transparent mode on the radios, but I am realizing that I need to change over and use API frames instead.
I was thinking about doing something a bit more that actually monitored voltage, activate a load test.. As noted, the new Battery Zapper was presented in July and here we present the companion Battery Condition Checker. In effect, the heavy current pulses drawn from the battery enable us to measure its output impedance. I was wondering if anyone has a working project or not and felt like sharing what they know.

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