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Also, a circuit to charge the 12V 7Ah battery with full charge cut off so that I can connect these circuits so that there is no need to look after it after connecting everything like need to recharge the battery every day. Automatically change over to battery so that the modem works on power outage with out disconnection.
Sense the voltage of the battery with the ADC, making sure you scale the twelve volts down with a voltage divider as the Arduino will only handle an input of 5V on the inputs.
What are you going to use for an input, as you may have to get a AC to 12V DC power supply? Expanding up on this since my answer would generally be the same; many batteries have an integrated circuit board that will protect the battery from over charge and under-voltage lockout. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged transistors capacitor transformer diodes circuit-analysis or ask your own question. How to make auto off functionality for an led lamp circuit with only transistor, capacitors, timer 555 chip? Is it normal to feel like I bought my way into graduate school after being rejected and then accepted when I was awarded an external fellowship?

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I can't link you because I do not know what type of battery, I can assume lead acid though, which is good as these are fairly common circuits. Just because the battery can supply larger currents won't cause harm unless the modem is defective. Most of the chargers are designed to switch over to battery power if no alternative source is supplied.
You can get prebuilt units from Amazon, or individual IC chips from a supplier like digikey depending on your EE knowledge.

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