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The Police Motorcycle is a 12v rechargeable battery operated ride on motorcycle 2 forward speeds(2 & 3 mph) plus 1 reverse(2 mph), Electronic sounds, a hand accelerator, head & tail-lightHazard light, Storage boxSignal Light.
This kid motorcycle is the most popular motorcycle in USA, as it is a product of renowned Yamaha Company. If you want your kid to be a cop or wanting him to ride a police bike with siren and red-blue lights then this is the product you should buy.
If you want to gift your son or kid a toy bike than here we are listing some of the best Kids Motorcycles. The police Motorcycle for kids is powered by 12 volt rechargeable battery which can run for over one hour after full charge.

Bike runs on an electric motor and produces a maximum speed of 12 MPH which is highest in any kid Dirt bike.
Bike is loaded with 6 volt rechargeable battery powered motor which gives maximum speed of 4 MPH. These motorcycles are powered with electric or fuel motors and also varies in efficiency according to different age groups.
Bike also features 2 speeds plus reverse drive, Authentic Yamaha design, real motocross sounds and maximum weight capacity of 130 LBS. Brakes of the bike are quite good as they are front and rear disc brakes, it has pull start engine.

Battery requires almost 8 hours to get fully charged and can cruise upto 10 miles or 40 minutes in a single charge.
Electronic sound, headlights, automatic brakes and signal lights are some of the other feature that will fascinate the child. Razor provide riser handlebars which delivers a smooth and comfortable ride for child, variable speed and chain driven motor are some of the feature which makes it different from the other kids dirt bikes.

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