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With superior cyclic life compared to lead acid batteries, tubular gel batteries are some of the best batteries available for projects that require reliable, long lasting batteries. Plate: Positive plate adopts tubular plate which can prevent active material falling, and adopts multi-component alloy frame. Electrolyte: Germany gas silicon dioxide, electrolyte in Gel state in the battery, which inhibits any acid leakage.
Safety valve: Adopts German technology, accumulator case expansion, mitigating potential damage and electrolyte dry up can be avoided.
Please note: Wiring supplied with this bank is designed for a standard battery bank configuration.
As with other components of the photovoltaic installation, the battery selection process proceeds by trial and error.
Since battery capacity is given in Ah, the load in kilowatt-hour to be supplied must be converted to Ah.

This capacity must be increased as there is the possibility that the batteries will be discharged up to 50% DOD. This design has considered a scenario of one discharge-charge cycle to 50% DOD every three days during the period November to February.
This is a possibility; however the warranty in this example problem was extended only for a period of 8 years. Furthermore, the efficiency in the cold season will be 90% as 10% may be lost because of the temperature effect.
However, no losses have been accounted for wiring, neither the efficiency of the converter or inverter placed in between has been considered yet. It is assumed that the battery system will not be stressed up to 50% DOD or beyond during the rest of a given year. The battery compartment may get as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the cold period that extends from November to February but the manufacturer advises that upon these conditions 10 percent of the nominal capacity may be compromised.

Therefore, under this assumption the number of 50% DOD cycles for 120 days is also the number of  50% DOD cycles for one year. The depth of discharge is allowed to go up  to 50 percent during the same period for which three days of autonomy have to be assured. Therefore, the 3 Kilowatt-hr load required for  three days will be safely satisfied with the battery storage system hereby specified.
The manufacturer guarantees the batteries for 400+ cycles at 50% depth of discharge but a life guarantee is also extended for a period of 8 years. It is necessary to determine the minimum number of batteries and a proposition for a proper layout for the system.

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