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Looking on Ebay USA I came accros this AGM deep cycle battery that will fit the Prius with no mods to the carrier. This capacity should take care of those parking at airport and other long no use occasions.
Sorry I can't post a link but that area is greyed out on my computer since the new format. For further information the battery has 44% more capacity than the OEM and 86% more than the OPtima so as you say in the US a lot of bang for your buck. I believe this is available at Sears as in the UK we are getting adds for these on the internet for delivery to the UK from the US.
This is yet another example of a newly-purchased 12V battery which is partially discharged, hence I again recommend that owners fully-charge their new 12V batteries before installation. The reason that I bought this battery is for use as a preventive install on my daughter's 2007. Both ends of the battery have a vent hole that hopefully will accept the black plastic vent fitting.
Patrick your charging voltage is a little low to obtain a full charge on this Exide battery.
It is also a fact that lead acid batteries of whatever type gain some capacity after a short period of use as the plates become fully formed. You will find the gen2 Prius capable of charging at surprisingly high rates if the battery is sound but in a discharged state of only 20% I have measured a charge voltage of 14.4 volts at a current of 45 amps.
Tests still continuing, but I have measured over 60 amps rate of charge with a more depleted battery.
The Optima Battery has performed so well in the 2004 (less than 1% failure rate in the first 2 years) and later Prius that we now now only sell the Optima D51R for the 2000 to 2003 Prius. If you want to purchase the battery separately Click here.-->Join hundreds of other Prius owners how have installed this battery with our kit!

Warranty: 18 months replacement excludes damage due to misuse or neglect, improper charging or improper application of battery.
The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prohibits a manufacture from curtailing warranty coverage due to after market parts unless it can be demonstrated that they caused the problem. So if you 12 volt battery is weak it could also be affecting your gas mileage because your Prius is wasting energy trying to recharge a battery that will not take a charge.Another user had let the 12 volt battery degrade to a point that he had to turn the ignition on and off four or more times to start the car. Here is a battery test you can perform on a Prius battery that is easy to do.However, this test requires no tools, is easy to do and will give you some idea of the state of your battery.
You can also test the battery by turning on the headlights, rear window heater and the heater fan.
Note: If in doubt disconnect the 12 volt battery completely (start with the negative post to avoid shorting the battery) and hook it up to a battery tester.
The original Prius Battery GS S34B20L (Toyota part number 28800-21050) has Japanese electrical posts, which are smaller than the American posts, which come with this battery. Battery posts, terminal, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The end near the positive terminal currently has a rubber plug in the hole while the end near the negative terminal has no plug.
However I agree fully with your advice that any new battery should be charged before fitting. If you need the battery as soon as possible let us know in the order comments or call us at 818 364-9810.In a hurry?
If you are over 25 miles from us call 800-237-6126 Click here for full details.We ordered one other Prius battery and had it replaced under warranty. Battery ships from Los Angeles via UPS ground or Priority Mail so you should get your battery in one to three days!

He told me his gas engine would never shut down when he was driving.In short, if your 12 volt battery is four or five years old we recommend you replace the battery.
You can also perform this test after the car has been parked for a while to see how well the battery holds up under the drain from the security system, clock, memory chips etc. I need to move the plug to the hole near the negative terminal, since the vent tube plugs in on the side near the positive terminal.
I want to see what the final charging current will be at 13.8V, hopefully it will be less than 100 mA. Wanted to let you know we found the cause of the drain - we had an aftermarket car stereo causing steady drain even with the ignition off. That's finally fixed, and we're replacing the weak battery for what we expect will be the final time, and we don't expect warranty coverage. So we recommend you save the time and trouble and also get our installation kit which includes all the parts you need and installation instructions. Our kit has has everything preassembled as much as possible to save you time.We bought a number of things that did not work quite right in developing this kit.
This battery is almost the same size but a little shorter, has American electrical posts instead of Japanese, and has two vent tubes instead of one.
Our kit with instructions handles these differences so it is an easy replacement and everything fits! When I took mine to the dealer for service their only comment was favorable regarding the bigger grounding cable we supply with our kit.This sealed battery is designed to go in a trunk and utilizes absorbed glass mat technology.

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