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We are able to dispose of old lead acid batteries free of charge, this includes Car batteries, Van batteries, Commercial Vehicle batteries, VRLA, Motorcycle batteries. Yuasa 100 Professional, 12v 70Ah Car Batteries, Maintenance Free, Increased capacity for higher cold start performance.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. 12V 70Ah Lithium ion portable battery pack for fishing boat, View portable battery, POLINOVEL Product Details from Shenzhen Polinovel Technology Co., Ltd. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The Fiamm 12FLB250 VRLA battery from the FLB range of standby batteries is a high rate yet compact design battery designed for use within equipment supporting critical power loads and providing essential back up within such applications as emergency lighting, uninterruptible power supplies, telecom, switchgear and many more. Built to the highest industry standards demanded today, the 12FLB250 has been constructed using tough ABS plastic case material that unlike some of its competitors, is V0 rated (flame retardant) as standard. As a credited sales parter to Fiamm batteries, Blue Box Batteries ensure strong client support with a first time, on time, every time approach to service.

New for 2016, the FLB range has been refreshed with a change in box colour from solid grey to a blue box with grey lid. Standard interlinks and terminal covers are supplied free of charge upon request, when accompanied with a battery order.
They can be relied on to provide the maximum number of cycles when it’s not possible or practical to plug in to the mains.
Yuasa has many years experience with leisure batteries and has used its extensive understanding of the market to design a battery that can meet the unique needs and requirements of its customers.
Simply drop them off at our shop and we will dispose of them free of charge, even if you didn't buy the replacement from us, we do not recommend that you send old batteries by post or standard courier to us due to them containing spillable, corrosive, dangerous chemicals and parts.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. This battery’s many other features include heavy duty lead plates with low corrosion properties, flame arrestors, ’single tool’ insert terminals for simple clean installation and fully welded lid preventing electrolyte leakage. We will always give the best advice possible together with the most competitive pricing available.

This change is aesthetic only and each model is completely compatible with its previous counterpart and all physical sizes and terminal arrangements are the same, for full details please see the link below to the ‘FIAMM FLB RANGE 2016’. Should you require a specific layout, please advise us of the details and we will be glad to accommodate this.
The FLB range is considered the ‘battery of choice’ for many consultants, engineers and specifiers, and can be found providing power backup in banks, data centres, hospitals and anywhere a reliable, constant power source is essential wether mains power is present or not.
To differentiate between the latest and previous models, the new series will referred to with the suffix ‘P’. The new 12FLB250 P will also include improved battery identification labels to include essential technical information specific to each battery type such as terminal torque values and float voltage requirements.

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