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Value range from Numax are quality Car Batteries designed to be maintenance free and offer good starting power. Numax Value Battery Range are designed for use as vehicle starting batteries and deliver outstanding performance and durability. This 55Ah Car Battery is designed using the latest Sealed for life technology to prevent damage and leakages. The outer framework of the Numax Batteries is designed to have optimal durability to prevent damage to the cells when driving.
Robust case design of the Numax Value Battery Range allows the battery to resist damages protecting the battery from premature failure by preventing leakages of the acid. Ensure that your maintenance free battery is fitted correctly and is charged regularly and minimum monthly maintenance should be required.

Always confirm the size, output and terminal orientation before ordering, we will accept returns as long as the battery has not been used and is returned in the original packaging in an as new condition. 30 day money back guarantee and a minimum 1 year warranty on all products, It truly pays off to shop with us! We aim to deliver the best brands in batteries and battery chargers, We currently stock products from great brands, including; Lucas, Varta, Numax and more!
Our products include cheap car, motor bike and golf batteries, as well as top brands like the Numax and Varta range. Secure online ordering Pay using Streamline Secure Payment, Paypal, Google Checkout or alternatively call us  to place your order or ask for advice.
Dedicated sales person with their direct contact telephone number and email address is allocated to your sale should you need to discuss anything regarding your order.

VISION FM batteries are great for deep cycle applications and stand by use such as solar systems, UPS’s, marine equipment and emergency power systems. To find the right leisure battery for you, use our catalogue at the top of this page to view our full range or visit our leisure battery page. If you'd like any advice on which would be the best battery for your needs, pop into our showroom or call us on 0800 335 7 338 .

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