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Coopower Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd is one leading manufacturer and exporter of Maintenance-free Sealed Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Batteries in China. Mengenal Kode Produksi Aki Kode Produksi bukan sekedar angka dan huruf semata yang melekat pada bodi aki. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is absorbed by separators and plates and thus immobilized. The batteries are widely applied to Telecommunications, UPS, Electric power switching system, Power tools, Computers, Generator, Medical Instruments, Emergency lighting and alarm system, Electric vehicle, Engine starting, Solar storge power, Marine equipment and so on.
Should the battery be accidentally overcharged producing hydrogen and oxygen, special one-way valves allow the gases to escape thus avoiding excessive pressure build-up.
Otherwise, the battery is completely sealed and is, therefore, maintenance-free, leak proof and usable in any position.

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