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Suitable for use with 12V Car, Motorcycle, Motorhome, Marine and Lawnmower Lead-Acid Batteries. Third and less well known is to create a (bigger) battery cell matching the voltage needed by the laptop. Note: If purchasing this battery for the Feber brand vehicles, the terminals will need to be cut skinnier to fit the vehicle connector. The conversion does cause a extra loss in power but is usually preferred above the DC-DC converter because of it's easy availability and less technical implications.

Like using a 12 Volt car battery in series with several 6 Volt motor cycle batteries in parallel. For most laptops it's somewhere between 15 - 22 Volts DC at an Amp rating between 1 to 4 Amps.
Important is a stable clean DC Voltage supply because a laptop has no power stabilizer on board. A car battery won't last many deep charges, so a deep cycle solar battery would be the only sane option. And usually empty means 30-40% left of the 90Ah which makes the effective capacity about 600 Wh.

That's rhoughly 12 hours of continous use - after that your car probably won't start anymore.

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