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These Energizer A23 miniature batteries give reliable power to your keyless-entry devices, garage door openers and more. The capacity of a battery, expressed in ampere-hours (AH), is the total amount of electrical energy available from a fully charged cell. Its value depends on the discharge current, the temperature during discharge, the final cut-off voltage, and the general history of the battery.

About Crafty’s Rods and GunsCraftys Rods & Guns have been providing superior outdoors equipment to customers since 1995.
Today, Craftys Rods & Guns operates 7 days a week from their store at 108 Maraekakaho Road, Hastings and is sure to have what you need to ensure your next hunting or fishing trip is a success! Energizer delivers long-lasting power to keep even the smallest devices going… and going.

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