Well, we could say they have loads of money, so they can afford surgery and crazy exotic food brought to them by personally hired food experts or dieticians. You don’t need a dietician to spoon feed you; you’re from the real world where if you know the secrets – you can easily do it yourself. And today, I’m going to let you into a secret to eating and living that some of the fittest and healthiest celebs today use and swear by.
She believes based on evidence that if we take tips from our ancestors’ diets that we soon understand why it’s so perfect, easy and good for you.
Although Khloe Kardashian has been very open about her fitness practices in the past, the reality star recently revealed more details about the diet that helped her lose 35 lbs.
Kardashian also discussed how her diet was filled with nachos and other bad food while she was dating Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom.
Although she might not spend a lot of time dieting, Kardashian does put a lot of hard work in at the gym, which is one of the big reasons why she has been able to stay fit for so long. Laura digs deep and clearly trawled many a faded magazine to come up with these gems – though she does not recommend anyone actually follow these vintage diets.

By the 1930s it was all about gymnasiums, weird diets, metabolism boosters, even cigarettes.
Glamourdaze recommends  Vintage Secrets – Hollywood Diet and Fitness by Laura Slater.
We’ve all been there at the start of a diet, that sudden eye-popping reduction in food and a desperate attempt to live off salad in the cold winter months; foolishly we think we have to sacrifice taste and happiness to get the body beautiful… wrong!
Last week we talked about the Top 5 Japanese Super Food to help kick-start your healthy eating plan, well this week we have all the diet secrets used in Japan to help you change your habits for the better!
Vegetables feature massively in the Japanese diet, at least 4 or 5 are served in a single meal. Omega-3 rich fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines all featured heavily in the Japanese diet too.
Posted in FOOD, ONLINE, RECIPES and tagged Diet, featured, Featured Article, Japanese food. Though she risked salmonella on a daily basis with her raw eggs for breakfast, her diet was quite varied – usually having a roast for dinner.

With our 5 Japanese Diet Secrets we’ll tell you all you need to know to easily change your eating habits, improve your health and trim down in no time, whilst not having to live by ridiculously restrictive rules. If you’ve eaten slowly, your brain will have a chance to catch up and remind your stomach that it is full, so don’t forget to slow down! It ticks all these boxes without fail. From today, you can now learn how this amazing diet works and follow it yourself so that Having a good meal plan is just not enough! Once she better understood the relationship between diet and exercise, Kardashian began to pay more attention to what she was putting into her body. You just got to open your eyes, stop believing in random diets and stick with one that is scientifically sound and has done all the work for you. Doing it with misguided information is just pointless. And who else to take advice from that a doctor that has actually developed this diet based on all the downfalls and shortcomings of the past fad diets.

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