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Miata vin decoder - neomiata., Here is an explanation of how to read your vin number based on my vin number shown above, a 2000 highlight silver base model.
Can the manufacture date of a vehicle be determined from the vin as the label on the door of my van is no longer there.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Originally Posted by pious_devil My friend got a May manufactured Titanium ecoboost allocated in September and had multiple followups with the Dealer and Ford India, to understand the reason. Agree with you buddy, am enjoying and logging miles quickly, the car is perfect, no reason to worry about when it was made. Originally Posted by parulkgupta MAKGG172FCN204270 FC = June 2012 Manufactured Vehicle. Originally Posted by parulkgupta I tried to register on Honda owners website but it got notified as an invalid VIN. Originally Posted by mroptimist My Etios came with 21 characters only, checked many times. Can you help me out with decoding the vin number [I tried decoding it as per your instructions, but it seems to be a 2014 model according to that ] of a Vento that i have just booked, I will be picking it up in end December due to certain family commitments. In my friend's case he got a written communication from Ford that the vehicle was directly retailed by the dealer from the plant and the date when the vehicle was billed to the dealer (which was september) to give him some peace of mind. Recently I too booked a Ritz from Suraksha when the vehicle was in transit according to them. I have booked a TATA Vista and got the below chassis number from my dealer on allotment MAT611468DPC13931. The VIN number given by my SA in Ford does not match according to the decoding which is given by you above.
I asked him for the VIN number of the Figo which i am about to pick up and your decoding doesnt seem to apply here. Originally Posted by mail.jaiswal Can you help me decode this VIN - bk14325 ins 4236 He has given the 11th to 17th characters of VIN. I could not confirm this, but noticed this on newer vehicles during my visit to the dealership through from Dec, to Feb and found these matching with my assumption. A humble request on my part for all February or post February Chevy (any model) owners; I would be really thankful if you may PM me your car VIN.

The reason being: I am planning to buy an Optra Diesel and the Feb make VIN that has been shared with me is a bit strange. You are correct as far as the 9th and 10th digits are concerned but have a look at my post from yesterday, there seems to be a change in the 6th and 7th characters for cars manufactured in Feb and might be there for cars manufactured after Feb. So just wanted to confirm from all the new Chevy owners(those who have bought in Feb or later) if the 6,7 characters are actually alphabets instead of numbers. Originally Posted by wildon In the newer GM vehicles 9th character represents month and 10th as Year.and its been confirmed from the VIN's i received for decoding.
Also, I went to the showroom and checked about 10 cars (Optras, Beats, Sparks, Cruzes and Captivas) - all had the 9th and 10th chars as BB. Also, the 7th character matches the month (so it might be the month and not the restraint code). There is a separate placard near the front left door, right bottom (near seat) that has a 2 char Manufacturing Date, which matches the pattern you have said. View My Garage Re: ARTICLE: Find your car's date of manufacture (VIN) ^^ So this pattern started from Feb 2011 onwards ?!
Originally Posted by keyur Also, can you check if you have the placard near the left front door frame? CLUSTER KMPH I have the other details too for these three VIN and can post them here or send them across through PM if the members so wish. But this is the VIN given by the dealership for the new Hyundai I 20 my Dad booked on 1st Jan. Originally Posted by AutoIndian KUN40-7049404 0706 0706 = July 2006 manufactured vehicle.
This is for a Nissan Micra Active and with help from your tips, I could decode it to be Oct 2013 manufactured vehicle. However, during an after market steel guard installation one of the customer informed me that it is 2012 model as it is printed on the Glass. In addition to the MONTH and YEAR, is there any way of knowing the DAY of manufacture as well (not necessarily only through the VIN number, but other clues in the car as well)?
You might want to check the tag like below that most of the cars have as soon as they get out of production line out of the factory.
This should be there on the car at the time of delivery any which way unless you have asked to take everything off and make it clean.

In some particular cases, where the documentation work gets stuck for some reason, the VIN date does not reflect the manufacturing date.
From the decoding instructions provided by you (Thanks a ton for it - super useful ), I know that it is a March 2013 model. Many of the VINs encode info like day of manufacture, but for Scorpio, there is a sticker on the windshield which reads like, for example: A 24 02 (white color sticker). For further reference, is it possible for you to share how you obtained the additional information.
This would be helpful for other guys i come across who would want to obtain this information. I have given the link in which everyone can check the production date of VW, Audi, Skoda, Ford and may others. While booking I had clearly mentioned that the make should be of January 2013 only and I will not accept if it is of 2012 make.
I checked it and found some number written on all the window glass which reads like 12* The glass is manufactured in 2012.
I checked it and found some number written on all the window glass which reads like 12* It is just that the glass is manufactured in 2012, not the whole vehicle.
Another thing I was told was that the seatbelts have a label stitched at the bottom (towards the floor) which has a date, which because of the JIT followed by most manufacturers, will be a few days before the car assembly date max. However, this would be more authentic to take it as a date on which it is out of the production line, or atleast a date to consider for the BODY manufacture. This is being bought for my folks at home and our decision to buy it or not will be based on whether it is a Dec 2013 manufactured car or not. Thanks for posting the explanation given by dealer and Ford India, infact even my Vento was 2 months old when i took delivery, was a little surprised in case of Ecosport since its flying off the shelves. At the same time, during resale, such less-informed buyers do tend to check the glass and assume the manufacture year.

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