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Pixo learned that conventional barcode scanning technology was often not robust enough for the diverse and challenging conditions that automotive industry professionals work in. Working on car lots, tow truck routes, and busy vehicle fleets means dealing with complex automotive barcodes day in and day out. Pixo met these challenges head on by scouring advanced academic research for theoretical concepts that would eventually lead to a new approach for decoding VINs.
We put our team on the road and in car lots, performing rigorous parking lot testing to make sure that the product we built was not only theoretically sound but robust in real-world situations.
Pixo’s app caught the attention of what became our first major VIN scanning client, WorldPac. Pixo’s VIN scanning technology is now being licensed by many top businesses and organizations in the automotive industry across the US and Canada.
What started out as an R&D challenge has turned into a must-have product offering, as more and more automotive industry professionals turn to Pixo for the highest-quality VIN barcode scanning, as well as our application development and technology expertise. Whether you’re working internally or with clients, using words to describe a visual concept can only take you so far. Outside of work, Jon enjoys drawing, riding his bike, playing pick-up soccer, traveling, cooking, MSU sports and the occasional Detroit Lions game.
Lindsey Gates-Markel grew up on a corn and soybean farm in rural Illinois, reading books in the sunshine.

After attending a graduate fiction workshop at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Lindsey enrolled at Lesley University and earned an MFA in creative writing in 2012. Lindsey is a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer of short stories and nonfiction essays, co-host of a podcast called You Big Dumb Idiot, and member of the Celebration Company at the Station Theatre, where she played Hamlet in 2012 and won’t let anyone ever forget it. Challenging ourselves to create a VIN barcode scanner that worked flawlessly in harsh conditions, we engaged world renown image processing experts to perfect the results in low-light and challenging scanning situations. Could we get a camera-equipped smartphone to consistently and accurately scan and capture VIN barcodes better? Collaborating with image processing experts to create a completely new approach to scanning VIN barcodes, we created a unique OCR processing algorithm that produces the cleanest, most accurate scan available.
Developed for both iOS and Android, Pixo’s Vehicle Barcode Scanner Pro app also includes a slew of other features aimed at streamlining the workflow of the busy automotive professional including a map, basic year and make decoding, easy one-click sharing, and a history feature.
WorldPac is a multi-national auto parts distributor owned by General Parts International, Inc. With our iOS and Android SDK, companies with in-house application developers can simply license our top-of-the-line VIN scanning technology and quickly integrate it into their own mobile applications. When she was in middle school, a Gateway 2000 with a squealing modem moved in as well, sparking her longtime love of the internet.
She worked as a web copy editor at Wolfram and as the grant and technical writer at Girl Scouts of Central Illinois before coming to Pixo as the Content Strategist, where she uses her editing and writing skills to help clients create and manage useful, meaningful content.

She lives in beautiful Urbana with her husband, stepson, and their beloved cat, Isabella Rossellini Looka So Nice (Izzy for short). Then we created a cross-platform mobile app to show off our work, and continue to support auto industry giants and startups by offering custom mobile development skills alongside our rock-solid VIN barcode scanning SDK.
How would the harsh conditions such as windshield glare, rough surfaces and textures, dirt, low light, and bright sunlight interfere and what could we do to improve upon the standard? After three years, he decided to go back to school and pursue a career in design, especially designing better experiences for systems and applications.
After learning that their customers were using our app to scan VINs and copy and paste them into their web system, they contacted us to license our technology and directly provide this functionality to their clients.
Integrating the results directly into their point-of-sale parts ordering system, WorldPac customers now have the convenience and assurance of accurate VIN scanning directly integrated into their workflow.

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