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With three studio albums under their belt, they’ve acquired a loyal fanbase in Australia and are ready to conquer the rest of the world.
Their latest release is a music video for their single "Ok Cool" which is off their same-titled album coming out this summer.
All (or most) of these tracks and remixes are up for grabs from (mostly) Canadian producers and acts.
Many of them referred to him as "brother" and it has been a sad  couple of days for Hollywood. Her latest single "Onlyest" got the visual treatment and we couldn't get enough from watching it once.

One of the most touching things I've heard so far is when Tyrese Gibson recently visited the crash site, with fans crowded around it and all, and actually broke down in front of everyone; tears streaming down his face. Now, I am aware that people die every single day and are not mentioned the way celebrity deaths are.
In the message, he quotes a Scottish poet named Thomas Campbell and his piece titled "Hallowed Ground" written in 1825. Ironically, the cast has already been in the middle of shooting "Fast & Furious 7" when the terrible accident occurred.
He also made another statement upon visiting the crash site which you can read below,"If my brother were here right now and saw all the love that you're bringing here, if he could see for himself that all of you have showed up to show my brother love at this hard time, that his family gets to see all of you show the love that you've shown Paul – it's going to stay with me forever," he announced.

Thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciate him. It's going to stay with me forever."It is always a horrible thing when someone passes away, whether they are famous or not, which is why everyone feels for the friends and family of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

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