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Behind the scenes, Graeme Cowin is one of the godfathers of the car community; an extremely influential figure in the sports of drag racing and sprint karts. Graeme learned that car builders in Australia needed greater access to accessories for these types of builds. THANK YOU: The car is a credit to everyone that worked on it and there are a lot of people that put in a big effort. Due to the nice look and good performance it has been rated five times as “Truck of The Year” in Motor Trend magazines. Two wheel drives is indicated by “D”, “B” or Ram but for four-wheel drives “W” or Power were used. All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind.

As such, Rocket Industries tailored its business to enable Aussies access to all the latest performance parts from around the world. In order to indicate one half ton truck 150 was used, 250 were used to indicate three-quarter truck and one ton truck was indicated by 350. Graeme Cowin is the owner and founder of Rocket Industries, the parts warehouse that distributes some of the biggest brands in the aftermarket automotive sector — over 250 world-renowned brands in total — and whose name is synonymous with high performance.
Initially only Dodge Ram 1500 was launched but later 2500, 3500, 4500 and 5500 models were added as well to its series. But I guess it was something we had committed to and I like to finish what I start,” Graeme muses. At the moment, we run a Top Fuel team, for which my son Andrew is the driver, and a Sprint Car team managed by driver Matt Young,” explains Graeme.

Safety was the keen consideration in the new generation as side curtain air bag , anti lock disc brakes were used.
I really enjoy getting out to the races with my family and crew, enjoying our sport together.

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