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VW VIN CodesFrom 1965 onwards, Volkswagen used their own 9 or 10-digit chassis numbering system.
Is there a way to obtain what the original options list was on my car or can you guys just tell what options it has by looking at it? There is a decoder available for that label, but I am not sure it will really provide what you seek. JetTurbo: You're missing my whole point that I found a site that will accurate perform a VIN lookup and give you the installed options on a vehicle.
The option label sticker that is located in the rear trunk also has engine and transmission codes on it. Hi PaulSend me some sizes for the vin plate and your preference of colour as above and I'll run it off for you. The information contained in this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only. The engine code is located at the top of the engine block, at cylinder #3, just below the spark plug.
When motor mounts fail, the engine and transmission will rock causing very noticeable vibrations inside the passenger compartment (especially at idle), shifting issues, exhaust damage, and more.
This can be quite controversial; positive and negative comments are said about all oil types and brands.
1) Contrary to common belief, all oil filters listed above, including Fram, have anti-drainback valves. 2) Fram and Bosch (yes, Bosch) oil filters are not recommended due to their inferior build quality. It's wise to upgrade your 3-piece valve cover gasket to a 1-piece rubber gasket: You will need to install shoulderless studs, but no gasket sealant is required.
If early warning signs are leading you to suspect impending head gasket failure, have a repair shop conduct tests (or do the DIY test below) on the cooling system to verify possible head gasket failure (they'll check, in part, to see if combustion gasses are leaking into the cooling system which cause the system to over-pressurize).
DIY test: With the engine cold, attach a latex glove to the coolant expansion tank fill hole (early Cabriolets will use the radiator fill hole).
Only Cabriolets equipped with Digifant I engines have the OBD I diagnostic port and check engine light.
This question is often asked by those who have bought, or are looking to buy, a so-called performance chip. Speaking of ovens: It's advised by professional detailers to not use oven cleaner to rid the engine of caked-on fluids.
This DIY explains what you'll need to do to obtain your factory radio code if it has been lost. You're going to have to call or visit the VW dealer for this one, so we need to prepare all the information they will need BEFORE talking to them. 1) Grab your radio and look it over until you find the serial number on the side similar to this picture. 4) If everything went well, you should have a four digit code that will unlock your radio. I am going to do the engine but don't touch transmissions other than just to take them out.

I would find a used one that is still functioning, that way you can rebuild yours at your leisure. Swapping in the later 5-speed auto would be a significant challenge, as the wiring harnesses are completely different. Another question, I heard the gear ratios are different for a gas 01m than the diesel can you tell by the serial number? When shopping for replacement parts, especially timing belt components many newer Vw owners often become confused. If you have all your VW, Audi, Skoda or Seat option codes then use this link to translate them into a language that you understand. You can type in the p-codes 3 and below of the Option sticker which is in the service book. You can get quite a bit of info of this sticker Engine code (BWA) and power, transmission code (JLW), paint code LB9A.
There is another site that I don't have the link to at work where you can download a PDF with all the codes in if you fancy reading them, I'll post it later when I get home. Not 100% sure if it is the same in the US as in the UK, but in the service schedule book, inside the front page It should have a sticker.
You will need to remove the drivers side styrofoam insert to see the label in the rear compartment. It was useful for determining the VW model (digits 1 and 2) and the year model (digit 3), but in practical terms not much good for anything else. You have to pay by Paypal & please allow up to 10 days for production and delivery, thanking you.Finally I would like to thank the mk1 owners club for its help and assistance, allowing me to advertise them here and to Geoff (slippy) who pushed me to make two for him! The detail is excellent down to the small lettering which impressed me.Hey Hugh,Like I said, my plate is tatty and if I could get a replacement I definetly would.
Anti-drainback valves are built into the filters to prevent the filters from emptying upon engine shut-off when the filters are installed on engines requiring them to be "upside down".
The internal space between the bearings has widen to the point that oil no longer completely fills that space. CIS engines are fuel injected mechanically and, therefore, do not have the electronic controls that Digifant engines have. Although contributors to DIYNexus have an impressive depth of knowledge, neither they, nor DIYNexus can be held liable for any technical inaccuracies, typographical errors or consequences from the use of this information. I am going to give it a flush, filter and oil if that doesn't make a difference I would look in to a rebuild or used.
The code that describes the type (auto or manual 5 or 6 speed, etc) and a second code that indicates gear ratios.
It will be looking for a certain speed and if it sees something different that what its programmed for, it will think the transmission is slipping and throw trouble codes. Some customers have contacted their dealer with their VIN and requested what engine code corresponds with their vehicle. However, over time the numbers become very hard to read so we recommend recording your engine code and saving it somewhere safe for future reference. If you don't have the service book the other half of that sticker in on the boot floor next to the spare wheel well.

Code number is 1612 (under VW logo)As far as I'm aware both number differ depending on model ie tintop cabby etc. The difference between the two: Solid lifter cylinder heads have 5 camshaft bearing caps, the hydro lifter cylinder heads have 4. The valves are being forced to move in the wrong direction at the wrong time, which is damaging the pistons.
Depending on the project, it is possible to void your factory warranty, disable a safety feature, create a hazardous condition, be injured or killed. I like the idea of getting a working one and rebuilding this one but I have never done a transmission. Only an authorized Audi Vw dealer can access the bill of material info, which reveals what engine was used in your car and the subsequent engine code. Rather than simply being a chassis number as before, the new 17-digit system would be able to uniquely identify every vehicle made by any carmaker in any part of the world. To reduce the amount of blow-by, clean the valve cover (including the vent screen) and air hoses and install a camshaft cover.
Below you will find some suggestions and a few pictures that may help you confirm your engine code. BLAU™fergnugen is an independent Vw Vw parts specialist and doesn't have access to this bill of material info. VW and Audi parts, along with creating the most satisfying customer service experience possible.
Volkswagen applied the new system for all of their vehicles made from 1 August 1979, the start of the 1980 model year. See our How To Decipher and Decode Your Vw VIN page for help on how to find and understand your Vw VIN (vehicle identification number). Our positive 'We Care' attitude is reflected in the amount of work that is put into every BLAU® brand repair kit.
All trademarks referenced in this website are displayed for identification purposes only and are in no way intended to denote any affiliation with their corresponding owners. Using over 25 years of service experience, we happily assist owners with their repair needs.
Prices, specifications, manufacturers, availability, and special offers are subject to change without notice. To understand the code, and be able to identify any Volkswagen made since 1980, we need to explain what the digits mean.Modern VWs have the VIN located on a plate on the passenger-side of the dash at the base of the windscreen, visible from outside just near the wipers. Many of them are consistent with VW’s old model type system, so you should spot some familiar numbers here. The code begins with 1980, and assigns a consecutive letter or number for each year (except that I, O, Q, U, Z, and 0 are not used). VW has tried to assign specific characters for each of its factories, although there have been some double-ups.

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