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If you are still in doubt if you need electro module or just standard electrical wiring then ask your authorised service with VIN number from a vehicle (usually the number can be found in car licence papers). Regulations about towbar registration on your vehicle differs in countries, so if you live out of Slovenian region you should check regulations.
When towbar is installed with our certified partners you will get certificate that towbar was professionaly installed. If you decide to install towbar with the mechanic of your choice (only certificated mechanics should install towbars) then you should get certificate there. TOWBAR HOMOLOGATION AND SUBSCRIPTION IN CAR LICENCE IS NOT POSSIBLE IF YOU DONT HAVE CERTIFICATE FOR MOUNTING TOWBAR!
Transmission: Original numbers matching 383 has been rebuilt(balanced and blue printed) and goes with the car.
How about wearing double denim: regular jeans, chambray shirt, single-breasted light coat, desert boots and leather rucksack. This one reminds me of hipster: plaid shirt, fitted jeans, rib cardigan, Oxfords and work messenger bag.
You can always grow a beard and wear office inspired outfits, like check button-down, belted camel beige chinos, chukka boots and plastic frames. Keep it simple like Bruce Willis and try on simple tee, classic denim pants, high top trainers and classic aviator Ray Ban.

How about sporty-athletic look (as we see Jason Statham with his girlfriend Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley): a gray crewneck + denim pants + adidas sneakers + aviator sunglasses.
Keep it comfortable and wear leather hooded jacket, camel chinos, chukka boots, statement cashmere scarf, like John Travolta. Dress like Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" who keeps it simple and wears black polo, classic shoes and aviators. We know that ads can be irritating—but advertising is how we’re able to bring you great content. Please consider disabling your ad blocker so we can continue providing the vehicle pricing, information, and tools you’re looking for.
Option note: Only select options below that are in addition to standard equipment and equipment noted in the manufacturer or year notes show above. If your wehicle has the ability to alert for errors (most common expression is CHECK CONTROL) then you need electro module kit if you want to avoid error alerts and other protection systems. On this system of wiring you need electro module regardless to vehicle equipement and model (even if there is no error control). RULES MAY DIFFER IN COUNTRIES SO IF YOU LIVE OUT OF SLOVENIAN REGION YOU SHOULD CHECK REGULATIONS. If you selected that towbar is installed with our certified partners then when towbar arrives to mechanic he will contact you and arrange the dates of towbar mounting on your car.

If you are uncertain of what came standard, please contact your manufacturer with your VIN.
If we speak about bald guysm then there are no restrictions, while keep the balance in layers, we mean, if you have a little head then it's better to wear hats.
The original Powerglide trans works perfectly, as does the auto-choke and kick-down passing gear.
If you are not fan of headwear, then avoid wearing neck-scarves, as they may accentuate your head.
Today, we have plenty of looks which feature plenty of casual wear options starting from hipster inspired to smart casual, sporty and beach style. You are about to see a wide assortment of versatile looks, which consist of mix and match clothing sets.

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