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Chaque semaine on te propose 5 titres pour passer un bon weekend, extraits de l’actu musicale de la semaine. Un petit assortiment d’epices :  cannelle, clous de girofle, poivre noir selon ce que vous aimez. Je ne suis pas une grande fan d'alcool (en tout genre), mais un petit vin chaud au moment des fA?tes A§a ne se refuse pas ! Tu peux aussi faire une version sans alcool en remplaA§ant le vin rouge par du jus de raisin! There's nothing more seasonal than vin chaud, the delicious hot spicy wine, served at Christmas markets and bars all over France during the winter. The smells of cinnamon, orange, cloves and star anise mixed with pungent red wine are redolent of the festive season and hard to resist. Vin chaud exists in varying forms in many parts of the world, with local modifications depending on regional produce. Vin chaud is not only a Christmas drink, it's also served in ski resorts as an indispensable part of the apres-ski experience.

Every year at Lou Messugo we have a Christmas party that has become known simply as our "Vin Chaud".
Walking around towns in France at Christmastime you might see cafes with signs like the above. Vin chaud MUST be delicious ~ the look of concentration on the face of the gal ladling a cuppa is intense!
The white wine version just isn't quite right for me, but then I prefer red even when it's not spiced, but I like your attitude Melodie, you must try both!!!
That's a perfectly good confession for this time of year, perhaps not so good in summer though!!! We started the tradition back in 1994 when we lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, and it has taken place in six different locations in France since then as we've moved house from central Paris, to the suburbs and down to the Cote d'Azur.
Then reduce the heat to low and add the red wine and brandy, stir to combine, and bring back to a simmer (don't let it boil). That is one thing I would love to bring back to the US - as well as hosting a little raclette party!

We made our first batch on Friday and then spent yesterday on a charity bike ride where every stop involved more mulled wine.
The Christmas market has just opened here and I'll have to stop by tomorrow and see if they have vin chaud.
I want to try it so bad but I have a citrus allergy (weird, i know) and it seems like they all contain oranges. And thanks for the recipe - I'm not much good in the kitchen, but maybe my husband will make it for me. Sometimes I stud the orange with cloves making a pomander in which case I don't slice the orange and need a lot more than a pinch of cloves.

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