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This list of undocumented keyboard shortcuts for notepad are pretty long, that’s just a start from memory. The hard part about learning vi is that it doesn’t have a graphical interface for training wheels. Also check out the right sidebar, Atlas carrying the Firefox icon was an idea I came up with, it was all done using Inkscape and GIMP. If you’re using Vim, you can also press v to select a region of text and y to copy the region. The best way to learn vi is to install vim on your windows machine and go through the vim tutorial.
It really is worth it, and once you have managed to get into the switch between normal, command and insert mode. Because you often want to do things with a number of lines you need to be able to toggle line numbering. This is all good info, but I think that saying notepad is complicated because it has a lot of shortcut keys is oversimplifying a bit. Ok, I’m a unix systems administrator, and have been using vi for a long time, but even I have to say that this article is extremely biased. I don’t use it often, but when the situation calls for it, notepad has the option to use this thing called a mouse. I need to take in double quotes values of "loyaltyCard", considering, that it could be digits, letters (cyrillic also) and anything else.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged regex bash perl awk sed or ask your own question. Will I see enough improvement moving from EF-S to "L" lenses to warrant the cost? If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us?
Kia released first official images of its all-new Rio 5-door hatchback, which is scheduled to make its official premiere at the Geneva Auto Show.
Kia has confirmed that the 2012 Rio will be available as a three-door or five-door hatchback.
As seen on the official images, the new Rio 5-door features bolder and more sculpted exterior styling.
Kia is confident that styling changes will help the 2012 Rio stand out in the crowded B-segment, currently dominated in Europe by cars such as the VW Polo, Ford Fiesta and Fiat Punto. The all-new Kia Rio will be officially unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 16.15 CET. The 5-door hatch will probably sell better in Europe, while Kia Rio sedan will gain more sales in the States and Canada.
All I have to say is this car looks great, much better than the competition in this segment. In case you guys haven’t noticed, I think Kia is abandoning their alpha-numeric naming scheme.
By what I’ve seen in spy photos its looks like the interior in both is real close, the hatch back btw looks awesome from all angles! Indeed, this new hatchback Rio design does look great from all angles, I’m officially interested in one of my own! Metric wrench set box end crowfoot - The craftsman 10-piece metric crowfoot wrench set for tight spaces. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. One of the things that some people complain about is the difficulty of text editing in console mode. If you count all the extra undocumented keyboard shortcuts, notepad has tons of functionality that is under utilized.
Most power users simply knew these shortcut commands by heart and never even had a second thought that notepad was difficult to learn, or poorly documented.
I think most people just assume at first glance at a huge list of commands that it’s really hard to remember everything.

You get right dropped right into a window that doesn’t necessarily want to help you get up and running quickly. I press a shortcut in one mode and it inputs something, I press it in another and it deletes a line.
I decided to try again after playing with Elite after a 20 year break and finding that the keyboard was just so much faster than a joy stick.
I recognize most of those notepad commands, and they are pretty much all universal to most windows applications. The 5-door Rio hatch will be put on display along Kia Picanto 2012 – model year and Kia Optima hybrid, which will both make their official European premieres at the event. The fast-growing Korean carmaker revealed it plans to launch 5-door Rio hatchback first, while 3-door Rio will follow in 2012. The all-new Rio has its own interpretation of Kia’s signature grille, integrated with the headlamps to give a new twist on the Kia family look. The 1.2L Gasoline Direct Injection Turbo engine will be available the European market starting from 2012. I have a strange feeling that if for some reason Kia were to sell the 3 door version in the states, it would only be a special edition….
I called the Kia customer service line 3 times (to make sure I was getting accurate info), and the reps all said the Cadenza was expected in the late 3rd or early 4th quarter of this year. DOS uses edit and the shortcuts are a bit different but it’s not like a new language like how vi works. In profile, the body to glass ratio and its strong wedge form give new Rio a dynamic stance.
Also, I was on the Korean site, and found some really interesting information in regards to the Cadenza. Heck, I think my 2002 Rio Cinco is still one of the nicest-looking cars on the road, so that will tell you where I’m coming from. Metric Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set - Duralast (70-023)600 x 252 gif 52kB, - Wrenches Combination Wrench Set Jumbo Raised Panel 12pt SAE 10pcBest wrench set – reviews of combination wrenches, Article contents. I literally use my computer all day, every day, in my job as a web development consultant, without taking my hands off the external keyboard (this isn't strictly true. I haven’t used Linux much recently, but it seems that a lot of these same commands work there in the GUI apps as well? They changed the grille, some of the wheel options, and some slight changes to the interior.
I lean across my desk to my laptop glidepad in order to interact with Skype and to see the tooltip on an xkcd cartoon).I didn't throw away my mouse out of choice, but I have acquired a repetitive strain injury which doesn't hurt enough to stop me from working - if I keep my hands on the keyboard. Also, as you mentioned you don’t have to use the keyboard commands in notepad, it just speeds things up, so if you forget one, you can find it in the menus. I often get comments when I'm co-working somewhere, when you see me with my hands on the keyboard, but I'm surfing - I can quite appreciate that it does look a bit weird! And a lot of the menu items tell you their keyboard shortcuts, so if you can find it in the menu, you can teach yourself the commands as you go. While I'm not sure everyone wants to go quite as far on the no-pointing-device journey as I have, we're quicker on the keyboard than switching between that and a mouse, so I thought I'd share the way I work.For the most part, I'm helped hugely by using a Linux platform - I'm a Kubuntu user and since Linux is pretty well designed for keyboard users, it's fairly easy going.
I am anticipating these will be the engines that go into the Cadenza when it makes its USA debut at the New York Auto Show, and goes on sale in 4th Quarter.
I have been using Vim for a good few years and this is how I write my code, and pretty much everything else besides!DevelopmentAll the machines I use - netbook, laptop, development servers, virtual machines, live boxes - run similar Ubuntu operating systems; I just use the same set of skills to run everything and that means command line, optionally over ssh.
Just to get any hatchback here is to be cheered, so I’ll settle for that if necessary. For a remote server, I'm always running screen or byobu, so I can easily spawn another terminal without having to log in again (particularly useful if a few 'hops' are needed to access a particular server) and I can just reattach to the session if I lose my connection or need to disconnect to move between locations, for example. Drop by my desk and things can look a bit console-tastic, with multiple windows open, all with multiple tabs, most of them running screen - and probably only one document and a web browser open in addition to that!For writing code, which for me is mostly PHP, I simply use Vim. It loads a lot faster than any other IDE I've seen, and once you get past the time it takes to get really good with it, it's superbly fast. Contrary to what many people seem to think, I have syntax highlight, file browsing, autocomplete, code folding and can very easily move around a file and between files. I regularly have multiple tabs open in a single editor session, easily cut and paste between them, and also view more than one at a time with split windows.Since I run Vim on the command line, this means that I can simply drop my config and plugins into my home directory on any other server and have my familiar tools at my fingertips.
SQL is inherently text-based so it makes complete sense to work this way - MySQL's command-line client does have autocomplete but you also learn to 'show tables' and 'desc [table]' to keep track of everything.

I was almost an Oracle DBA in a previous life, and so the command line is a natural way for me to interact with a database. Those same skills are really handy when I need to quickly ssh in to a live server without any GUI and figure something out from the DB, and although I sometimes use scripts to pull out data in to pretty graphs (thanks to Google Charts!), I'll always develop the queries at the commandline.So much of what we do as developers is inherently command-line based. I find I often teach command-line tricks when I'm actually supposed to be teaching something else completely!
In fact, when I deliver workshops or training sessions around source control, regardless of which product it is, I insist on teaching it from command line only.
If you understand what to do there, you can use any of the wrapper and helper tools that are available.
But when the going gets tough, you'll be back at the command line, and that's absolutely a key skill.It helps a lot in my regular development job that I do so much server-side technology. The workers are usually a framework bootstrapped from the command-line and so it's very easy for me to work with. Over the years, Opera's accessibility support has enabled me to keep working, I am confident using it and they have more than earned my loyalty (I don't do any frontend work at all, so lack of browser choice isn't a huge problem).For general surfing, I just open a tab (Ctrl+T), type into the address bar either a URL (which will autocomplete) or a speed-dial number. To move around the page, I hold Shift and press the arrow keys - it's surprising how quick it is to use a page this way. To go back and forwards, you just use Ctrl+left (or backspace) and Ctrl+right respectively. To move left and right between tabs, use 1 and 2 respectively - you can also Ctrl+tab to cycle through the most recently used.
Otherwise, I will shortly be on my way to your competitor's website!Some sites like to tell you to upgrade your browser because they don't support Opera.
To put this in context, I have had all plug-ins disabled in my browser for the last five years or so. I used to disable JavaScript too, but I find that the majority of sites now work pretty well for me with it enabled. However as HTML5 adoption rates rise, suddenly pieces of my web, the version of the internet that I see, have started to dance. For a person for whom YouTube didn't exist (but I have at least seen the one with the sneezing baby panda!), this is pretty exciting!Opera has fantastic per-site preferences, so I can set it to turn scripts, plug-ins, and other things on or off on a per-site basis, and it remembers the setting. I have also tried hard to adopt desktop products such as Thunderbird, but most of them have some keyboard shortcuts, while still allowing you to get your cursor wedged in a sidebar if you're not careful.
Oh, and you can't change your "from" address, which is deeply annoying.I also use Google Apps for the calendar, which doesn't work brilliantly but I can add appointments with my phone and view really easily in the web browser. Google Calendar does have keyboard shortcuts, but passes through the ones it isn't using to the browser, and doesn't seem to clash with the keys I use, which is fabulous. As a software developer, I didn't do a lot with documents, but as a consultant and now a book author, these days I do.
Now I've learned the shortcuts I need most, I can sit and write documents all day, and edit formatting, in a way I wasn't sure I'd be able to. I have a console-based Twitter client, ttytter, which is great at showing me new tweets on my timeline and anyone mentioning me.
I also have a little dashboard that I use in a web browser to show any messages matching a number of searches covering brands that I'm involved with, events I'm attending, and so on.The output on the dashboard includes a link to each tweet on Twitter's mobile site (their real site requires the ability to hover, so is no use. Actually most mobile sites work pretty well for me!), which I use to view the tweets, reply to them, or see what they are in response to, etc.
Again, GUI applications exist, some of them attempt to be accessible, but I haven't found one that has worked really well for me so I use a bit of a mix.Twitter's mobile site is accessible, since it doesn't require the ability to hoverI use Facebook less and less, it seems to get less accessible every time I visit, and I'm not really hooked on many other social networks. Every single product I've seen is useless (for me, they're obviously quite good for the mainstream users), the links aren't real links, or it has 'helpful' keyboard shortcuts that do unexpected things in my browser.
It sounds crazy and arcane, and at times it is, but I'm now able to work with content in presentations, moving slides around and tweaking them.As I'm a Vim user and there's a plug-in for Vim, working with LaTeX markup is actually a nice way to do it. I am almost always working with very factual content: UML diagrams, flow charts, that type of thing - and Graphviz allows me to produce perfectly nice-looking diagrams without being able to point at anything to drag it around.
I don't recommend Vim at the mercy of all other tools, in fact if you ask me to recommend a PHP IDE, I'm unlikely to even mention it.
To be fluent at the command-line has kept me working in an industry that I thought I was too broken for, and that's precious.

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