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Vim users have an unfair reputation for cultism, largely because newcomers find it shockingly different to anything they've coded with before.
FileTree, which has been significantly modified to a) replace the File Explorer in WinManager, and b) to do things like easier directory unfolding, create and rename files, and many other tasks. My console (non-gui) setup of vim is basically the same, with line numbers and WinManager off by default so I've got the full 80 characters to play with. Hi -- I too am interested in these tweaks, especially the integration of FileTree with WinManager.
FYI, I'm responding to enquiries via email at the moment, so feel free to use this form or the contact form here. Question - What's the difference between the 8516 and the 8387, they look practically the same? There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format.
As a long time Gedit user, I shifted to Geany last year as my main text editor, I found it the closest alternative. I found Geany supports the features you require and comes with many more features and plugins available in Ubuntu than gedit. I find the code completion, symbol browser, code folding and tree browser useful, as well as having a more power find and replace tool as well as the ability to configure launching of command line tools from the menu. Emacs us heavy on keyboard shortcuts; I was previously an Emacs user and I got used to vim just fine. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged text-editor alternative or ask your own question. If you send two transactions to the same one-time address, will they both be accepted by the blockchain?
Are there any design patterns that are possible only in dynamically typed languages like Python? In the definition of 'Compact set', why do we require the existence of finite subcover for any open cover? As you can probably tell, I have a strong personal connection with today's topic, so there may be attitude and language in this piece - you've been warned! Before I can explain how power armor can go missing and how to prevent it, I'll need to tell the story of how two, not one, but two sets of fully upgraded, pristine power armor - frame and all - went missing from my most heavily fortified settlement.

Of course, if you fear for the safety of your X-01 or similar highly leveled armor, I wouldn't blame you for heading to the "How is this possible?" section of the text.
Two were built as T-45s, one had Raider Armor, one was an incomplete set of T-51, and then there were my babies: a non-Brotherhood of Steel T-60 and a full set of T-51 armor, both pristine, fully modded and upgraded (I bet you'll never guess which two went missing). Being the sole settlement I use, the Red Rocket is heavily fortified with a much higher defense rating than necessary for the minimal amount of crops and water I produce there. Having too many to store indoors, I posted my power armors around my base of operations as sentinels to ward off any evildoers. My affinity for suppressed sniper rifles and the stealth perks means that I often travel light, in other words: no power armor. I recently began The Silver Shroud questline which requests you talk with John Hancock, mayor of Goodneighbor and eligible companion.
When I talked to Hancock he wouldn't let me finish the quest without bringing him back on as my companion. Of course losing my prized power armor upsets me, but not nearly as much as the lack of knowledge on this purposeful game mechanic. I'm sure anyone who has lost their favorite armor this way feels the same when I say that the exclusion of this information is absolutely disgraceful; and that's all I have to say on the matter. You should be annoyed with the developers for not telling us that it's possible to have armor stolen! I do however read up on popular issues on other news sites and I watch a lot of popular Fallout YouTubers. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! Took some work to get it just so, but ah, it's quite something to fly around filesystems with your fingers. Developed in CoffeeScript and the like - ie, simply extensible, but a bit slower than Sublime. If you see a frame with pre-built armor you take the whole frame, not the pieces off of it, or you'd be over-encumbered in ten seconds flat. The property has no random settlers, only companions and trusted NPCs like Sheffield and the Vault-Tec Rep.
Hot Rod Flames is a special paint job only available to the player after acquiring a special skill magazine.

Not a single credible video game news site had posted anything on the issue (hence this article). I mainly snipe and scavenge, so I never really use the suit, but I kept the core just in case. My fault, I forgot to remove the core when I jumped out, to do a part of the Silver Shroud quest. Since the only place it gets discussed is forums, it makes sense to post here where the subject can get a decent bit of traffic. Of course, vim has a steep learning curve, so if you prefer something simpler to learn to use, it's not a good option. A long, meandering, path eventually led me to finally give vim a chance and I've never looked back.
This is how I ended up with six power armor frames standing around the Red Rocket Truck Stop. The tips we are given or "tutorials" if you dare call them that, are so pathetically simple, disregarding things that players actually need to know, that it's clear the company put little to no thought into them. The Miller 8426 and 8387 are very similar but work with different size valves.It's always best to check a service manual to verify which tool number is recommended. The four high-grade suits of armor I own were placed under the weather shield at the gas pumps, surrounded by four heavy machine gun turrets. There is also a risk of dropping the valve keeper if trying to use the valve spring compressor when removing or installing the rocker arm. It's best to use these different tools for the purpose they were designed for to eliminate possible problems. I even went back to the secret area where I found the T-60 suit hoping that it would have respawned. He finally arrived at his office in Goodneighbor; I assume he had to go back to finish the quest.

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