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In Water Bear Mode the Gup is in its natural horizontal position with the long legs extended as snow stilts. Clip on Kwazii's helmet and help him rescue the slime eel as the treasure chest sinks and the slime eel escapes.

The tough Gup-X always gets Octonauts where they need to goa€“even if that means getting out of some pretty sticky situations! Octonauts - Kwazii's Mud Drill - Figure & Creature Pack BRAND NEWAU $13.46Buy It NowMade specifically for tunneling through tough terrain, Kwaziia€™s mud drill is just the thing to get him out of a muddy mess! Octonauts Dashi And Surfer Snail Action Figure Fisher Price Octo Crew Sealed NEWAU $12.98Buy It NowWhen rough water sweeps a surfing snail out to sea, Dashi grabs her board and uses her surfing skills to ride to the rescue!

Octonauts - Octopod, Shipwreck, 8x Gups, Octo Max Suit and 7 figuresAU $149.990 bidsOctopod Playset.

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