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This car is Lance Vance's (voiced by Philip Michael Thomas who played Rico Tubbs in the Miami Vice TV series), which appears in some missions featuring him and can be found parked outside the Vercetti Mansion (after it has been taken over from Ricardo Diaz). Lionspeed (0)2011-12-27 09:30ominusdude,I don't understand why you are just copy+pasting everything from Wikipedia on here.
The game runs very smooth (some little slow down, lags) the only big prob is the car textures, they are all white(only the body). Hi, I just wanna say than a I have the same problem, my lovely Windows XP crash and it give me the same message.I don't know why.

Hi,I tried to play GTA-vc and GTA3 on my banshee(pci) and on my voodoo3(AGP), but my system hang off after a few minutes of gameplay.
The Infernus also appears as a regular traffic car which comes in other colours except white.
GTAVC requires 32 mb Video card, and GTA3 requires an Intel Or AMD 800mghz.I would never think they would run.
I use the newest raziel and 3dfx drivers but nothing helps.The -opengl command doesn't help, the game runs in d3d.

If I try to run GTA3 just after Win XP started I get the message "GTA III requiers at least 128mb of avaliable memory", but if I run some other 3d game, exit and try to run GTA it works fine.

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