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In the event that your car does have hail damage, you should contact your insurance company immediately and start a hail damage claim. Once you have filed your hail damage claim, your insurance company should send an adjuster out to inspect your car so he or she can give you an estimate. Following this you should take your car to a repair shop and have it inspect the damage so it can give you an idea of what the overall cost for repair will be.
Your insurance company may or may not suggest a repair shop, but ultimately the decision is yours. Usually, but depending upon the severity of the damage, the repair time can take anywhere from one to three days.

Unfortunately, Orion Restoration does not do hail damage repair on vehicles, but more than likely if your vehicle was seriously damaged, your roof may have been, too.
Hail sizes can vary from pea-sized to golfball-sized and the larger the scale the more damage you can expect.
The repair shop will then negotiate with your insurance company if necessary to settle any issues. Orion Restoration would recommend checking out the shopa€™s work history to make sure it will be able to properly fix your damaged vehicle. Once the repair work on your car is finished, be sure to check it thoroughly to make sure no dents were missed and that your car is still working fine.

Also, the repair shop you chose may or may provide a warranty on its work which could serve on your behalf.
However, if larger-sized hail fell then it is likely that you will have very big and noticeable dents on your vehicle. For instance, to see if you even have any hail damage coverage and if so, the possible deductible.

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