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Enter your registration number and mileage below to get an instant,onscreen valuation from the UK's quickest car valuation service. Whilst you own your car you really should be aware of how much it is worth, you need this information when you are insuring the car, in the event of an accident, when buying a car and when selling a car. Just because you tell an insurance company you car is worth ?10,000 it doesn’t mean this is what they will pay you if the car has to be declared an insurance write off. By checking what your cars trade value is on Free Car Valuations you will be able to make a judgement on whether or not the insurance companies have made you a reasonable offer or not.
Finding out a cars trade value is also useful when you are negotiating a part exchange valuation when buying your new car. Also finding out what your car is worth in the trade will help you figure out what you should ask for it if you were to try and sell it privately.
Our trade values will provide a guide as to how much you would get for your car in either part exchange or by selling it to a cash for car company such as ourselves. To some, especially those who have carried out a Car History Check, this will seem like a ridiculous question. People who are selling a car are only legally obliged to tell you if the car has been an insurance write off if they are aware of it, but that is difficult to prove. Valuing a car in today’s market is a difficult task, there are so many factors to be considered and getting it wrong could cost you thousands. If I wanted to value a car today I would have to make sure I check a number of different factors before I could even attempt to give a car valuation.
There are many websites and providers that will give you a value for your car, but it is relatively easy to value a car if you don’t have to worry about buying the car and then second guess what the market is going to do when you yourself have to sell the car on for profit! The most common guides used in the trade are not Parkers or Whatcar but Glasses’ and CAP (Car Auction Prices). Car Value Calculators normally work on just one of the guide prices, perhaps adjust it a bit for the mileage and then give you an approximate figure. Free Car Valuations Car Value Calculator works in a similar way, but it is monitored to make sure it is as accurate as an automated car value calculator can be.  Anyone saying I want to sell my car after receiving our initial value can then ask us to provide a fixed offer to buy their car. Selling your car in the current economic climate could prove to be difficult, especially if you are hoping to sell it privately. Many people who are selling their car don’t want to part exchange, they want to sell their car and negotiate with cash either as a deposit or to buy a car outright. We will value your car, make you an offer for your car, collect it and pay for it before we take it away, it really is as simple as that. Selling your car online is secure and hassle free, you are paid by direct bank transfer and our drivers stay with you until you confirm the funds are showing in your account. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself on our testimonials page what our customers thought. From our initial, instant free valuation where we provide a guide price as to what you car is worth within the motor trade, you can request that we send you a guaranteed offer to buy your car.
The process of selling your car to us is very simple and more importantly completely risk & hassle free. If you are happy with the offer we make to you and you accept it, we then arrange a convenient time to come to you and collect your car. Once the collection driver has seen the necessary paper work and had a brief look around the car, we will pay the agreed amount directly into your bank account. If there is finance outstanding on your car will settle this in full on your behalf and pay any balance left over to you.
This service is completely free, we do not have any hidden charges such as administration fees, Road Tax contribution fees or even a collection fee. Does the distinction between the current "worth" of a vehicle and what you should be expected to pay for a certain vehicle need to be made? The test vehicle used in this scenario is my very own 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS. The Trade-in value on my "Good" Santa Fe is $8,364 and the Private Party value is $10,274. KBB inadvertently skews used car values because of the consumer's perception that a dealer gets a Santa Fe for $8,364 and flips it for $12,624 for a fast handsome profit.

Maybe this is parochial and the KBB way is sophisticated but I believe the "multiple value" approach oftentimes leads to falsely inflated values. Thank you for the valuable information, I believe At KBB there are many "values" or "worths": Trade-In, Private Party, Suggested Retail, and Certified Pre-owned. But it does not clears to me, i understand book value tells us about the ware and tare the cost etc.. To a dealer, a car is worth whatever the last guy bid at auction.  The art of appraisal is knowing what that price is without going to the auction to find out. So with Black Book making a big push with their trade-in widget on dealer websites, are they gaining ground with the customer's perception? I am not sure I agree with any statement as inane as "worth what it is worth", but I do agree that consumer perception of these various value types seems to lead to more confusion than well informed buyers. Please use the "Sign Up" link above to complete your registration form and become a member of the industry's leading Automotive Marketing and Internet Sales Professional Community.
ADMPC is a Network for Car Dealers, Automotive Marketing, Advertising and Management Pros sharing Digital Strategies and Execution Tactics. Whatever the make, model or year of your car, we aim to make it easy for you to get a valuation. Please note: motor vehicle traders will be required to provide a copy of their trade insurance to benefit from trade rates. All of our stock is updated on a regular basis, providing you with the most relevant new cars and used cars for sale at any given moment.
Whether you are buying a New Car, Used Car, New Van or Used Van, we have plenty for you to consider! Cookie Notice: The Wilson and Co website uses cookies to store information on your computer. Do you know angel wing tattoos on backs for girls is one of the most popular topics on this category? Do you know wedding bands tattoos designs has become the most popular topics in this category? Did you know half up half down wedding hairstyles for short hair is one of the hottest topics on this category?
A rough guide to private selling prices should be somewhere between the retail and trade value. Often the only thing you will buy in your lifetime more expensive than a car is your house, yet very little consideration is given to the background of a car. Here you can enter the V5 (log book) Document Reference Number and the vehicle registration number to check all the previous recorded MOT's. Giving a car valuation  is one thing, but providing a car valuation that you then may be asked to back up with a firm offer to buy the car is another matter.
Both these guides follow the market closely and usually set the price for what cars are worth. This is done manually based on the extra information we request and taking into consideration the guide prices and current market conditions. Just because you may have seen one advertised at a higher price, it doesn’t mean that car is actually worth that. If you think the initial valuation is around about what you would like to sell your car for then, ask us to make you a guaranteed offer for your car. We use an independant collection company, who are not there to start renegotiating with you, they don’t even know what we have paid you for your car. This will show in your account within 10 to 15 minutes, once you are happy it is there you can let the driver leave with your car. You see consumers then head over to a used car dealer demanding at least $10k because that is what "I could sell it for". When you sell your car on autotrader, your car is worth what it is worth. When you go to purchase a vehicle, the car is worth what it is worth. You need to stop "Lurking" on ADM and become a more genuine Automotive Professional by completing your membership registration.

Below a member also comments better opportunities to get referrals, But do we need to start a online business to get referrals???
Third party validation is a non-confrontational and consultative approach to building a relationship with the customer.
You want me to accept a trade-in value for my car that is based on some guide published by the National Automobile DEALER Association? On the other hand, I have used Kelley Blue Book well over 500 times in my 30+ year career selling cars and trucks to help a customer feel like they were being provided with a valuation resource that is both credible and not biased toward the dealer's perspective. Then use the KBB value as a mutually agreed upon reference point to obtain a commitment to buy now.
ADM members have access to resources, connections and private events that provide them with a competitive advantage. That's why we use CAP, the market-leading provider of vehicle valuations, to give you an impartial and up-to-date value for your car.
Submit this form with the required documents listed above when you drop off your vehicle at Arrow Motor Auctions. They are supposed to offer you the retail value of your car, that’s how much it would cost you to replace the car like for like (make, model, condition and mileage).
It may give you an indication perhaps as to how much they have paid for the car and how much profit they will have in it. During the last week of the month you have to consider what may happen to the price of cars in the next guide that is due to be released as any car you buy in the last week would be subject to any reduction in value in the new guide.
Many dealers have over aged, over priced stock at the moment that they simply can’t afford to sell for less as it would show as a loss on their books, they’d rather have it showing as a stock value! Bank loans are harder to get approved and car finance is only available from car dealerships.
Once you have asked for the guaranteed offer we will be in touch to confirm the vehicle’s details, service history and condition and then give you our guaranteed offer.
I would go a step further and advise dropping the Trade-In value as well. A car is worth what it is worth, considering the condition of the vehicle. But i have a question, What should we do when buys starts negotiation with the total amount that we have selected?
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