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The submission of this request, I consent to be contacted by phone, email, text message, automated telephone dialing system or artificial or pre-recorded voice messages. That colorful car festooned with gear looking like leftovers from the moon landing has been in town recently, snapping photographs for Google Maps. The pictures the car takes allows millions of web browsers to "see" areas on a map with the click of their mouse via Google's Street View tool in Google Maps. The car's roof-mounted camera captures photographic data front, back, left, right, up and down for thousands of minute locations along hundreds of roads in any one city alone.
The Street View cars have made several visits before, and they are for the most part updating images for areas that already have been visited, Yick said.

Street View has raised some privacy concerns, and Yick said that software has been put in place to address them.
And if anybody does find themselves on Street View on Google Maps they can ask to have something done about it, she said. Your own mental incapacity THAT YOU MAKE PUBLIC ON THE INTERNET is followed by YOU telling other people "they should mind their own business" once they comment on it?!?!? PS - Your follow-up rebut that "the law" is a "weak argument at best" means that you are as ignorant as you are anti-social. It probably was 2007, I can tell from the date stamp of the picture that shows my house, also my home is in a new subdivision there were no houses in certain areas in 2007 and thats what the pictures show and in 2008 houses were built.

That data is then associated with points on maps on the Google Maps website, said Deanna Yick of Google global communications and public affairs . This includes cutting-edge face blurring technology, which helps make sure that passers-by in the photographs can't be identified, and we also blur legible license plates," she said. You'll see the intersection that you can navigate by clicking and dragging your mouse around in the window or using the tools in the upper left-hand side of the Street View window.

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