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Compromising style for utility can often lead to uninspiring results, but luckily the V90 manages to offer a lot of both.
Audi and BMW stopped importing the wagon versions of their mid-size sedans to America with the advent of the current-generation models.
Volvo, despite the success of its recently introduced XC90, is not ready to give up on the wagon market. Volvoa€™s commitment to this market will be demonstrated by the introduction of the 2018 V90 at some point next year.
The styling and many of the body panels of the S90 also are shared, with the inevitable departures in the roof and aft of the front doors. While the S90 is handsome, the V90 looks even better, with the elongated greenhouse enhancing the new modela€™s clean sculpting. We briefly drove the V90 in Spain, where most of the roads are even smoother than California could boast back in the days when the state still had an adequate highway maintenance budget. The main value of the wagon, of course, is utility, and the V90 delivers, with about two cubic feet more carrying capacity behind the rear seat than the S90 has in its trunk and an additional 34 cubic feet when you fold the rear seata€™s backrest.
Despite this slight loss of purpose, we are delighted that Volvo is continuing its wagon heritage. Volvo has updated its XC60 SUV, largely rationalising the models and engines but also revising some styling cues and adding in extra equipment. The nose has been tweaked with larger headlights integrated with LED daytime running lights, previously black plastic body parts have been upgraded to colour, and leather features more widely in interiors. Under the bonnets are the familiar two five-cylinder D4 and D5 diesels and two petrols – four-cylinder T5 and turbocharged six-cylinder T6.
The all-wheel drive D5 and T6 can both be specified with the Polestar optimisation in the R models.
All but the T5 are equipped with six-speed automatic transmissions while the T5 ships with a six-speed double-clutch Powershift. Luxury spec is $61,990 on the T5 and $63,990 on the D4, adding satnav, integrated compass in the rearview mirror, powered front passenger seat, more leather and metal accents, alarm and 18-in alloys. The $73,990 D5 and $78,990 T6 R-Design variants top the line-up with a sports chassis, active cornering headlights, 10-speaker audio, premium cabin accents and black 18-in alloys.
Options include the Driver Alert System ($2075) with lane departure and lane keeping aids, active high beam and forward collision warning. The Driver Support Pack ($5000) adds blind spot warning, cross traffic alert, driver alert option pack, adaptive cruise, front and rear parking sensors and electrochromatic internal and external rear vision mirrors.
Whether you’re a veteran collector of six-figure supercars or just an aspiring one, you’ll appreciate the appeal of a real-world driver’s car.
Living with a fast car makes you understand that concept instinctively – and renders you vulnerable to the appeal of the performance estate.
They may not be as pretty or as light as a sports coupe, but there’s a good chance that they will serve your requirements better than any other kind of car. But can one of the first of a new line of Polestar-branded performance Volvos combine that with genuine speed and thrills?
2016 Volvo V60 Polestar reviewThe new Volvo V60 Polestar gets a lighter four-cylinder engine packing 362bhp and an eight-speed auto 'box, but is it any more agile? The 488's incredible engine and handling and open-top experience make for something very special indeed. The Isuzu D-Max is starting to show its age; after a drive in the range-topping Blade version, is it still competitive?
An all-electric Jaguar SUV will be revealed next year before going on sale in 2017 - and Autocar has learned that some of the most flamboyant styling touches of the C-X75 hypercar concept will be used on the new model as the firm seeks to ensure that it stands apart from rivals.
The car’s mooted launch date puts Jaguar in direct competition with Audi, which is planning to launch the production version of its all-electric Q6 e-tron quattro concept, first revealed at this year’s Frankfurt show, early in 2018. Both vehicles are set to offer a range of around 300 miles and cost about ?60,000.
Beyond the bodystyle, price and target range, few details are known about Jaguar’s first EV. Parent firm Tata has previously pioneered the technology, and insiders say the company has made significant progress with overcoming the problem of the additional unsprung weight of in-wheel motors.
Jaguar hopes to outpunch all rivals, however, by giving ?the car the most distinctive styling of any EV on the market. It is reported that this fact played a key role in the decision to allow the C-X75 to be used in the latest Bond film, Spectre.
Although prototypes were made in conjunction with the Williams F1 team, the project was cancelled at the height of the economic downturn in December 2012. Now, however, the C-X75’s enduring popularity - driven by its appearance in the Bond film - and its original role as a standard bearer for ground-breaking technology are set to be harnessed in the design of the all-electric SUV. As such, a debut at next year’s Paris show, six years after the C-X75 was first shown, is said to be a distinct possibility.

This decision also explains why Jaguar resisted the urge to use the C-X75’s appearance in Spectre to reignite sales plans for the hypercar.
It is understood the all-electric SUV will sit on the same aluminium architecture as the XE and F-Pace.
Earlier this year JLR announced it was stepping up development of ultra-low-emissions technologies by doubling the size of its engineering and design centre in Whitley, Coventry.
The investment is motivated by increasingly tight global emissions legislation, led by new Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) rules introduced in California and adopted by seven other US states.
These laws demand that, between 2018 and 2025, the number of new ZEVs sold must rise from 5% of all new cars to 15.4%.
Jaguar also believes it has the ability to seize the initiative over its rivals by launching its first all-electric SUV ahead of or in line with their targets. Although Jaguar is leading JLR’s EV charge, Land Rover is expected to follow suit once its models move onto the new common architecture. While Jaguar wants to maintain the sporty performance of its cars even in all-electric spec, Land Rover is said to be willing to trade performance for opulence and refinement. Previously, JLR has applied for patents for technology related to inductive charging, suggesting it could combine the launch with wireless charging.
Audi Q6 e-tron quattro (2018) - The Jaguar’s biggest mainstream rival will come from Audi, which has already promised to launch a production version of its e-tron quattro concept by 2018. Volvo Electric SUV (2019) - Volvo is already committed to providing plug-in hybrid versions of its entire line-up, but the Swedish car maker will also launch a fully electric model by 2019. When Tesla are selling more units globally and beating Porsche's profit's it'll be a case of catch up, until then shut the fuck up. I'm not sure which one of the following you've shown yourself to be in this and previous posts ignorant, fanboy, troll, RUDE. AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction. Thata€™s hardly surprising, as Volvo has been building wagons since the introduction of the Duett in 1953. The taillights extend up into the D-pillars, in keeping with what has become Volvo tradition, and a long character line defines the cara€™s shoulder. The handsome cockpit employs upscale materials and vertical vents called Airblade, and the dash is dominated by Volvoa€™s innovative and intelligent portrait-oriented 9.0-inch touchscreen, which eliminates many buttons and knobs.
Entry-level T5 models come with front-wheel drive and a 250-hp version of Volvoa€™s Drive-E 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which makes 258 lb-ft of torque.
Unfortunately, no rear-facing third-row seat is offered as it has been in previous Volvo wagons. A new adaptive digital display replaces traditional dials with an LCD screen, which can be switched through with three themes - elegance, green and performance -- changing the colour and design of the graphics.
The XC60 now kicks off with the front-wheel drive $56,990 T5 Kinetic, followed by the $58,990 D4 Kinetic, both getting leather, powered driver's seat, digital instrument cluster, climate control airconditioning, eight-speaker audio with Bluetooth and USB, auto-fold mirrors, daytime running lights, reversing camera and sensors, and 17-in alloys. The $69,990 D5 and $74,990 T6 Luxury models gain all that, plus paddle-shifters for their auto transmissions. A second option pack ($6250) includes Adaptive cruise control, collision warning with full automatic braking and cyclist detection as well as the features of the driver alert system. To many, the emergence of the gross performance SUV only confirms the fundamental ‘rightness’ of the fast estate. As if to mark the occasion, one of its originators – Volvo – has moved back into the niche. What does this 567bhp range-topping brute have to offer, seeing as it costs more than ?100,000?
All we ask is that you request this at time of booking your service and leave the rest to us. Sources suggest an electric motor will be mounted inboard at each corner, retaining the use of driveshafts, although there remains the possibility of Jaguar making a technology leap with in-wheel motors. It is understood that Tata has given the green light for Jaguar to pioneer the group’s  all-electric technology and wants the brand’s first such model to deliver a distinctive statement of its intent to lead in electrification. The car, which was built as a concept for the 2010 Paris show, was powered by four electric motors driven by diesel-fed gas turbines and had an electric range of about 30 miles. It will be revealed as a concept - and our rendering is highly speculative - but the production version’s styling is said to be nearly identical to the upcoming show car, in line with Jaguar design director Ian Callum’s mantra of only showing concepts that are very close to production reality. The benefits and profitability of selling even 250 C-X75s at around ?750,000 each are said to be marginal beyond boosting brand profile, but ?the launch of Jaguar’s first ?all-electric vehicle is a crucial step in the firm’s growth. The platform was designed with an all-electric powertrain in mind, as well as a variety of hybrid and plug-in hybrid applications.
The site is expanding from 55 to 110 acres and has been earmarked for advanced powertrain and engineering teams, plus Jaguar’s design and advanced design departments and the firm’s global headquarters.

With those standards set to be replicated in many global markets, Jaguar and Land Rover must be able to meet targets to avoid penalties.
With global demand for SUVs growing, insiders are said to believe that the timing of their launch and the bodystyle are perfectly positioned. It has been ramped up this year for the launch of the XE and F-Pace, and officials believe the size of the network gives them an opportunity to leapfrog Tesla’s customer reach. It plans to take advantage of the near-silent powertrain characteristics to set new standards in cabin ambience, as well as using the instant torque of electric motors to enhance off-road ability. The firm has also applied to trademark the name ‘EV-Type’, although this is no indication of a definitive name. The electric Q6 should be right in the middle of the Jaguar’s price range, since Audi sources have said their car will cost the same as a well-equipped A6 - or around ?60k. It’s almost certain to be a mid-sized SUV, slotting in below the XC90 but with a price similar to that of the Audi and Jaguar. I'll look forward with interest to the next time there is a feature on a hydrogen car for example, I'm sure your be only too willing to take in others opinions on that subject you absolute moron!! Jaguar has never offered its XF wagon in the United States, and Lexus and the other players in the luxury segment have never even built mid-size wagons.
Wagons have always comprised a big part of Volvo sales; in the early 1970s, the company even built the 1800ES, a wagon version of its only sports car, the P1800. The wagon is mechanically identical, which means the same Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform with a control-arm front suspension, a multilink setup in back with a transverse leaf spring, and a 115.8-inch wheelbase. The V90a€™s additional glass and heavier rear structure add a modest 70 pounds or so to the curb weight, according to Volvo. The T6 employs all-wheel drive and adds a supercharger in order to greatly enhance the enginea€™s low-rpm responsiveness while bumping output to 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft. The T6 we drove had plenty of power and the immediate responsiveness we expect from a supercharged engine. Volvo suggests the XC90 is a better machine for those who need three rows of seating, but that thinking somewhat contradicts the wagona€™s role as the anti-SUV. The styling is said to be revolutionary, in the way that the BMW i brand sits separately from the firm’s mainstream models.
It was announced that up to 250 production cars would be made, powered by a downsized turbocharged petrol engine.
It sits on the same platform as the Model S, and early models will share a powertrain with the high-performance P90D version of that car. Expect a three-motor set-up - one front, two rear - with a total of more than 430bhp, along with a battery range of around 300 miles. Volvo’s electric SUV is expected to be based on the same Scalable Platform Architecture as the XC90 and use lithium ion battery tech to provide a range of around 325 miles.
Show me evidence of Tesla's ability to out sell in unit's and out profit Porsche then if I am ignorant dickhead, then claim that Porsche are playing catch up.
The cabin is well appointed, and many high-tech safety features are standard, including semi-autonomous driving mode. Both versions use an Aisin-Warner eight-speed automatic transmission that allows for full manual control. Our only dynamic criticism was the sharp increase in steering effort as you eased the wheel off-center.
Jaguar has confirmed that it will be moving some model lines to the facility to free up capacity in the UK. The Model X’s standout feature is its spectacular gullwing rear doors, designed to make it easier to get in and out of the rear cabin. They appealed to drivers who wanted a safe, comfortable, and practical vehicle while displaying unostentatious affluence (another concept that seems to be in terminal decline). Your the person who continually bangs the drum of one manufacturer and dismisses all others, I just like cars in general so who is the real fanboy dickhead?
Blame Americaa€™s unfortunate and somewhat illogical obsession with SUVs and crossovers for this near extinction. Despite the large open space in the back, therea€™s absolutely no boominess, and wea€™d rate the V90a€™s cabin to be as quiet as that of the S90. No I'm just happy to challenge prick's like you dickhead when you say something utterly stupid!!

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