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Toyota avalon - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The avalon was a new model introduced in early 1994 for the 1995 model year. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Introduced in the mid-'90s, the Dodge Stratus was a replacement for the aging and boxy Spirit. Also, the cloth driver seat is in rough shape but that is to be expected with all these Miles. I drive this car for work very hard and with this manual transmission I've never had any real issues, repairs or anything go wrong which would go wrong with an automatic. Bought the 03 Stratus with 56000 miles a corp lease well maintained records, 136000 now, only repairs were rear shocks and brakes, did timing belt service at 115000, it's been very cheap to keep. It was one of three sedans based on Chrysler's "JA" platform, including the Plymouth Breeze and Chrysler Cirrus. The repairs are new battery, new engine serpentine belt, oxygen sensor, regular synthetic oil changes and ceramic brakes.
The car was bought for $3,000 and today I'm selling it for $1000 and still NO ONE wants to buy it. Not very fast but the iron block 4 cyl engine keeps going no leaks or oil usage between oil changes. Only major problem I've had was a crankshaft issue and that was after having it for 7 years.

Tax, tags, title, administration fees, and license fees are not included in price or payment. I do not look forward to the fact that mine has so many miles, I'm worried it'll start to go out soon. I've done some changes like different chrome rims for something sportier (including wheel adapters), a rear spoiler, fog lights (yellow strobes), a muffler tip that allows more air exhaust (and sound) and a better stereo system. Dodge followed it up with a redesigned model for the start of the new millennium that featured additional safety equipment and a more powerful V6 engine. First it started by changing the batteries, then changing the spark plugs (now currently riding with 5 spark plugs out of 6, because one is messed up).
So far so good our 03 Altima bought new only has 80000 and has had about 7 repairs so far 2 no starts, mostly engine elec. A coupe model also debuted.The Stratus had a decent run but ultimately never achieved the superstar status that Dodge had hoped for. Now the car needs a motor mount because it shakes crazily and the oil light comes on every time I break and the suspensions sound tremendously while going over the smallest little holes in the streets.
Be careful on doing electrical work, for it'll seem like you'll lose your battery charge, but the way Dodge builds their cars, it's a lil tricky but manageable as long as you're careful. In terms of refinement, build quality and reputation for reliability, it couldn't match top import models. Mechanics told me it now has low oil pressure and with all the problems that it STILL has, it's better off junking it and buying a new one.

The seats became a little uncomfortable on longer rides but not enough to be a major nuisance. Pretty good on gas and currently researching the pros and cons of changing gas type from the low end to at least mid-grade. The Stratus coupe (formerly known as the Avenger) was actually based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse of the time and differed from its Japanese cousin mainly in its sheet metal. Another was the car's handling -- it felt sportier than many other mid-priced, midsize sedans of the time. Even so, most used Stratus shoppers will likely be attracted mainly by the price, as the cars haven't really held their value the way Japanese sedans of the same size would.
Both engines could be had with either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.The sedans had Chrysler engines. All sedans came with a four-speed automatic transmission.Past Dodge Stratus ModelsThe first generation Dodge Stratus was available from 1995-2000.
The sedan (there was no coupe) was originally offered in two trim levels: base and slightly more luxurious ES.
At the time, the Stratus earned high marks for its edgy styling and larger-than-expected interior and trunk.

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