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When you go to make your next vehicle purchase, you will likely want to visit one of your local car dealers in Greensboro NC but before you do, there are some things that you should be aware of. It is no secret that the car dealers of the past used various types of tricks to get customers into the vehicles they want to sell, not the vehicles the buyer actually wanted.
One thing to keep in mind when you visit your local car dealer is what services do they offer.
When setting out to open a dealership, one of the biggest and most important decision to make is where to set up shop. Consider both how easy it will be to pull into and out of your dealership and how much street traffic it will get. Make sure you know what kind of lot you want, how you plan on selling cars, and who you want to sell to.
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GENEVA — The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet convertible will arrive at Mercedes-Benz dealerships this fall, following a world debut at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show in March. The four-seat C-Class Cabriolet will be equipped with an automatic folding soft top, according to the automaker. A single design sketch shows a convertible with sleek lines, along with large wheels and tires. The coupe is a companion to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan and is longer and wider than its predecessor. Several powertrain options and a high-performance AMG version of the C-Class Cabriolet are expected. Key C-Class Cabriolet competitors include the Audi A5 Cabriolet and BMW 4 Series convertible.
Edmunds says: Convertible shoppers making long-range plans will want to check out the new C-Class Cabriolet when it hits showrooms later this year. September 20, 2012 Ed Leave a Comment One of the most exciting milestones for your teenager will be the day they turn 16 and are legally allowed to drive.
The best advice that any parent can follow when looking into purchasing their kid their first car is to research, research, research and then do some more research! Each specific car has its own unique history so once you find a car that matched your general needs and concerns it is important that you get a thorough history of that exact car. When you buy a car on a PCP you are essentially paying to use it for a fixed number of years, with the option of buying it at the end of your contract or giving it back to the dealer. If you plan on keeping the car at the end of the PCP you will need to set aside money for the final payment. Before you embark on a PCP remember to factor in other costs particularly insurance and fuel costs.
If you return the car with scratches or any damage you may be charged to cover the cost of putting this right. Contributing Editor (Motoring Supplements) and Motoring Columnist for the Sunday Independent, Irish Country Magazine and editor of wheelsforwomen and Auto Ireland Magazine.
Thanks for the comments Tony the points made are for those not holding onto the car so if you exceed the agreed mileage you will be charged.
You appear to be using an obsolete browser that may not display this site correctly.Please update to a modern browser like Firefox or IE9. 123 TX AUTO is a buy here pay here used car dealerships in the dallas - forth worth area in TX. Our inventory is based on nice and clean used cars with good mileage that will serve you for long after the loan is paid off. Our special financing program allows us to finance people even if they had a bankruptcy , foreclosure and repossessions .we deal with Bad Credit Auto Loans and Second Chance Car Financing.

The first thing you should know is that an educated buyer is a good buyer, so do your research before your visit. The more you know the better you will have it when you go to make that deal of the century with your local car dealer. Today’s dealer has evolved in a way so that they do not typically use these tricks; instead, the tables have turned and it is now the customers turn to play the tricks on the dealer in an attempt to get the vehicle they want at a deal that nobody else can beat. The dealers who offer the most are going to offer you the best service and the best prices. For a small dealership with only 1 or 2 employees that sells only 3 or 4 cheaper cars a month, a trailer is probably fine. If you are setting up a buy here pay here lot with cars under $10,000, an upscale neighborhood with a lot of BMWs and Porsches driving around is probably not for you. Don’t set up in high crime areas, cars on a lot are easy targets for both vandalism and robbery.
Just because you are buying a vehicle used doesn’t mean you should have to settle for a hunk of junk that will break down in a year or two. This can be easily obtained through multiple car history services using the vehicles serial number. In terms of monthly repayments, it works out cheaper than hire purchase because it lets you defer part of the total cost of the car – a sum known as the guaranteed future value, or GFV, which is set at the start of the agreement.
Geraldine is also a regular contributor to RTE Radio One's 'Today with Sean O'Rourke', 'The Last Word' on TodayFm, Newstalk Breakfast and Down to Business on Newstalk.
If you decide to keep the car, the mileage is not an issue as you have put the miles on the car from new and I don’t think that anyone will charge themselves in this situation. Next, you should be aware that dealers no longer use tricks, but you can so you can get the best possible deal on the vehicle you want. You want to know the reviews of the vehicle you are looking at, the history of the vehicle and the value of the vehicle. For instance, when you go to a dealer and they have the perfect car that you want, but you found the same one down the road for less money, you can, and you should, tell the other dealer where you found the same vehicle for less so that they can try and beat the price. For instance, if you need a one stop shop where you can trade in your old vehicle, finance your new one and bring it back for service, you want to be sure that the dealer you go to offers all of these services. Car dealerships have special considerations that other retail businesses do not have to worry about.
In some, a dealership can be in any commercially zoned space, in others it has to be zoned for retail, and furthermore, some need to be zoned specifically for car dealerships. A Dealership needs a good sized front lot where the cars for sale can be prominently seen, an office and possibly a showroom, and a back lot where cars can be received and prepped.
You want travelers in both directions to be able to be able to pull in quickly and easy without having to u turn or follow a maze of one-way streets. A great many dealerships pride themselves on having well-maintained previously owned cars that can easily boast long lives. By tracking the history of the specific car you are interested in you will be able to determine if that car is in the best condition. Lastly, if trading in the garage will take the mileage into consideration as always, so, it is irrelevant in this case if the car was purchased on PCP OR HP. Another point you should know is what all your dealership offers; do they offer financing, trade-ins or a full service center? Once you know all of these facts, you are going to be educated in a way so that the dealer will give you the best deal they can, just because they know that you have done your research so you know what you can get the vehicle for whether it is there or at another local dealership. Then go to the other dealer and tell them how the dealer down the street will beat their price; it is a kind of bidding war so that you get the best price. The more services the dealer offers, the better off you will be purchasing your vehicle from them.

Let’s take a look at some of the major things to consider when selecting a location for your dealership. If you’re working with a real estate agent, they should know the local laws for zoning and will be able to help you with it.
In some areas, where there are specific zoning laws for dealerships, you want have a choice but to be in close proximity to other dealers. As silly as it is, those kinds of things can be enough for someone to drive past your dealership and go to another one. It’s one of the first things you’ll need, and in many states your location is required before you can get your dealers license. It is about making sure your child has a safe vehicle with which to get from point A to point B. You should have no trouble determining which makes and models are the top recommended cars for new drivers, as well as which ones are the safest used cars. Once you determine what the safest and longest lasting used vehicle is then you can begin your search for that car in your area. Some used vehicles may look sturdy but have suffered irreparable damage due to car accidents, fires, flooding or any other number of traumatic events. The future value, plus any deposit you choose to put down, usually between 10 and 30 percent, is taken away from the total cost of the car, and you pay monthly payments (plus interest) on the remaining balance for the term of the contract.
The more you know, the more educated you will be and the more likely you are to get the best possible deal on the vehicle you want; not the one you need to settle for. If you’re doing it on your own, check with your local planning office, they should be able to at least point you in the right direction for zoning requirements in your city. If you are selling high end luxury cars, you probably want to be in a more established neighborhood. In places where zoning is a little more laxed, you may or may not be wise to set-up shop near other dealerships. While your child might be eyeing some fast and flashy car model, you are more likely to be interested in the Used Car Dealerships in Utah that offer the top safety rated previously owned vehicles.
It is important to have all the facts about a used vehicle before committing to a purchase because some damages are more permanent than others. Think about the price of cars you’re selling and how you’re selling them and match the area for your dealership to that. Busier streets cost more, but you will have far more visibility and thus more walk up and drive-by traffic. Installing lighting on your location after purchase can be an expensive and difficult operation. Look at what kinds of cars are in the neighborhood you’re thinking about setting up shop in.
While competition is more fierce in these areas, most customers recognize these areas and come to them when they are looking for a car.
Many people don’t do their car shopping until after they’re off work, and it can often be dark outside when that happens.
Being out on your own away from other dealers, you have less competition, but it may not receive as much traffic as a designated “autoplex”. Just keep this in mind, if you start small and grow, it can be a major expense to move and moving can even cause losing a customer base, so think about the future when you choose your location. It’s good to consider being close to a bus or other mass transit stop, especially for a dealership with lower end cars.

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