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October 16, 2013 by Andrew Newton Leave a Comment Ruf is of course famous for taking already potent Porsches and thoroughly reworking them into staggeringly fast machines. See, I’ve been hunting for an early Sprite for a while now and have come across a few seemingly affordable projects, but every one of them has been plagued with problems.
So extensive are the modifications that Rufs are typically considered completely separate automobiles, not just tuned Porsches. So, I continue my search, optimistic that I will one day find a solid Sprite at an affordable price. It’s located in Clovis, California and is listed here in eBay for $3,500 or best offer. Everything has been stripped out of the inside, but there wasn’t much to these to begin with.
These were meant to be cheap little sports cars so they were pretty basic.The sale includes some of the trim, a bumper, a pair of aftermarket seats, and even a roll bar!

This car, supposedly one of only five, is an example of Ruf’s early work and is located in Hamburg, Germany.
With only 948 cubic centimeters of displacement in that tiny four-cylinder, this isn’t exactly a race car. It is small and light though so it can still be a ton of fun to drive through the twisties. Besides, I’ve claimed to be a race car driver – I just want to have some fun!This one even has the number plate that always seems to go missing! Some guys try to title these with the number in the door jam, but that’s a good sign of a shady past. The added cost of shipping it over here doesn’t make sense though because there are still a lot of little bits missing. Go for the yellow with the 1275 and ribbed gearcase ’til gets silly as likely will do as lots of time left. Old racecars usually have so much stripped out only use is as racecars unless you have really really deep pockets and want a showcar.

He loaded his Bugeye with part of his clock collection and drove to Rochester rather than putting it on the moving van. As for Bugeyes, I’ve always thought the Speedwell front end conversion made them a good looking car. When I was living i London, England in the seventies I bought a -61 Frogeye (nickname used in Europe) for less than 200 dollars. I kept it for some time, but sold it to avoid tax and customs fees, which I then obviously found too discouraging with a loss (there’s car price development for you) before returning to my native Sweden. And may I point out: in those days people were racing Frogeyes and other small British sports cars in parking lots on weekends, completly ruining any mechanical property they ever had and then just scraping them.

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