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These chases and fights are lovingly crafted, every punch, crash, barrage of gunfire, and flying wreck treated with the utmost care.
New director James Wan (Death Sentence, Saw) brings a brutal edge to the fight scenes but, despite the violent proceedings and dangerous stakes, the film never loses track of its focus on fun. Going into the film, the elephant in the room was, of course, the tragic death of co-lead Paul Walker. This time, they’re here to do battle with Jason Statham, the big bad brother of the vanquished villain from the previous film. Though there are perhaps hundreds of wrecked cars, each one is more impressive than the last. Unlike in F&F 6, in which he is side-lined for much of the film (something about going to half-way across the world to hang out with Jon Ortiz, remember?), Walker is on the front-lines for the entirety of this adventure. That being said, I am grateful to see comically extreme close-ups of Nathalie Emmanuel’s body.

Then it takes the unchained irreverence of Smokey and The Bandit, and puts that in another car. When The Rock and Jason Statham are going at it, it feels like they’re really trying to kill each other, throwing each other through walls and into tables with bone-crunching force that would kill any mortal man.
The whole movie is both more audacious, yet somehow more believable, which just makes it even more awesome. While there are a few scenes wherein he seems to be standing around doing nothing while other actors presumably speak lines he never got to record, his presence is still felt through the entire film.
So it will be interesting to see if they tie in that ending with the beginning of Fast & Furious 7. Meanwhile, martial arts enthusiasts should nod their heads in approval of the high-flying acrobatics in Paul Walker’s fight scenes with The Protector himself, Tony Jaa. Next, a third car, loaded with nothing less than the righteous honesty of Vin Diesel, falls out of the sky onto the wreckage.

Finally, Dwayne Johnson shoots the rusted heap with a minigun, and the huge pile of twisted metal is blown into an active volcano. Every time he appears, the film gains both a sense of rising dread and palpable excitement. Aside from a somewhat undercooked detour to a swinging penthouse party in Abu Dhabi, the action hits the high notes every time.

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